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I am still angry as I write this.chelsea-logo-wallpaper-1024x746

Lets get to the point.

Chelsea were away to Arsenal and defending a fantastic record of not conceding a goal against arsenal in 6 games. Chelsea are usually guaranteed 6 points against Arsenal but Conte obviously didn’t read the memo.

Conte put Cesc into his starting line up but that was all that changed, as the defence was kept the same and Willian made a return despite Moses having a fantastic game against Leicester.

Chelsea lost 3-0 and here are the ratings from Sky.

Chelsea: Courtois (5), Ivanovic (4), Cahill (4), Luiz (5), Azpilicueta (5), Kante (5), Matic (5), Willian (5), Fabregas (4), Hazard (5), Costa (6).

Subs: Alonso (5), Pedro (5), Batshuayi (5).


So where do we start!

I will break it down.



garycahill2Our defense is in shambles. Everyone knows it and yet Conte wont take risks. Are you telling me that there is no player in our youth team that won’t perform better than Ivanovic and Cahill. If our youth are that bad then they shouldn’t be on Chelsea’s books! Because the defense we are putting out at the moment may as well not be there! Cahill is an idiot to put it politely. In his last 4 games he has made defensive errors that have led directly to a goal. 3 of them have been the same mistake, his poor 1st touch and poor 2nd touch letting strikers tackle him and be through on goal. How can we win games with defenders who refuse to learn from their errors? For Ozils goal which was Arsenals 3rd, all Cahill had to do was mark Ozil. It was just him and Ozil in the box so quite a simple job if you ask me. But Cahill decided to mark an empty penalty spot to leave Ozil with an easy tap in.

Ivanovic some how was even worse. The guy has no positional sense what so ever. He is running his hero status and its sad to see. He can’t do the following…. Defend, run, tackle, mark, cross, shoot. So I am confused why he is playing! Is Ola Aina going to perform any worse? What makes this debacle even worse is the fact that Ivanovic wears the captains armband. If Conte wants things to change he will need to make decisions that may seem tough but will reap rewards.

When we switched to 3-5-2, yes arsenal had the game one but we seemed a bit more fluid. Azpi has to play on the right. simple as that. He gets the ball on the left and has to cut back all the time and it slows down the early cross/pass. Once Alonso came on, we had nice crosses coming into the box. Conte needs to look at this and get it working.



edenhazzardHazard is not a disciplined footballer, and when you aren’t giving as much going forward you then have to ask yourself ‘what is he actually doing?’ He lets his full back get past him multiple times and it results in a goal. Going forward he isn’t direct enough. He has the skill and ability to beat his man but he slows down play and then teams are able to get their shape back which doesn’t help Chelsea forward play.

Willian………I have said my peace. He doesn’t deserve to play. Between him and Matic there really is no presence on the pitch and we may aswell play with 9 men because essentially that’s what they leave us with by their absent performance. I feel sorry for Cesc because he was bought off but it could have been any of the 11 but Conte clearly doesn’t fancy Cesc and was looking for any reason to take him off. Kante looked lost because he is doing the running of all those around him who aren’t pitching in with their shift.



Costa is running his socks off and I feel sorry for him because at the moment his performances are keeping us afloat.

Batshuayi should have more goals to his tally, and chances he should be putting away he is missing. I will put that down to needing a run of games, but he should have scored against Arsenal. Chelsea do look so much better when they play 2 upfront it is plain for everyone to see.



conte-shouting-instructionsThe Jury is well and truly out. Chelsea after last season can’t afford to fall any further behind the leading pack. Conte yes was at the Euros etc, but he still had enough time in pre-season to get a formation together. What he chose to do was keep playing people out of position, eg Loftus-Cheek Upfront, rather than look at the team as a whole and get the right fit. So he has had time, it’s what he chose to do with that time which is the problem. The Conte that we saw for Juventus and Italy has yet to Surface at Chelsea and he needs to Show his face or I can see a p45 being stuffed into his Christmas Cracker!


In other News:

On loan stiker Tammy Abraham just can’t stop scoring. He now has 10 goals this season and we are only in September! Hopefully he can keep this good run of form up and really force his way into 1st team football at the bridge.


Pit of the Week:

Performance against Arsenal was shambolic.


Peak of the Week:

Tammy Abraham showing his talents.


Next Fixture: Hull (a)


Until Next Time……KTBFFH



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