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Clash of Champions Review

The New Day starts off the pay-per-view with their AWWWWWWW Indy……and passing out booty O’s like lies at a political rally.


Anderson and Gallows are introduced and the match is started. The second the bell rings Luke Gallows hits Big E with a clotheline and takes out Xavier Woods and lays Francesca 2 on top of his lifeless body. Kofi has no one to tag and is dominated by Gallows and Anderson. Nice hot tag to Big E as he delivers two hip poping throws and a belly to belly suplex. Very good fast paced match as the New Day retains with the help of Francesa to the side of Anderson’s head. Good start.

Brian Kendrick vs T.J. Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship


The title is really neat looking, I am going to have the watch the tournament sometime soon. This was a weird cruiserweight match because is was so slow in the beginning. The tag team match moved faster than this. There were a few nice moments in the match, but the problem with cruiserweights is that we as fans, or at least me as a fan wants to see high flying, and almost death defying moves. That is the problem with people who weigh less than 205 pounds. This match was disappointing. Especially when a cruiserweight tries to win matches with a submission. But I did like the end where sportsmanship took a hit, or a headbutt, from Kendrick.

The final match of the best of 7 series between Sheamus and Cesaro


Thank goodness this series is almost over. Both of these athletes are talented in the ring, but there nothing else in this match except for the whole “best of 7” gimmick. And that got boring around match 3. Hopefully, they can use their in ring talent and make me appreciate them as this match goes on. Cesaro looked like a cruiserweight at one point in this match. When Cesaro hit the spear through the middle rope to the outside getting hit with the broad kick and he kicked out was a great moment. Then Sheamus kicked out of the neutralizer. The last 5 or so minutes of the match got the first “this is awesome” chant, and it was. The match ended with the WWE medical staff calling the match saying that neither competitor could continue.

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho


This match just seemed like a throw in. It was a good match, and I hope this rivalry continues and intensifies but in it’s infancy, it was only an average match.

Triple Threat Match for the Woman’s Championship Sasha Banks, Bailey and Charlotte


I like the start of the match with the war of words between Bailey and Sasha. These 3 ladies are all very good and they definitely have chemistry when they are in the ring. I really thought that Dana Brooke would cost Charlotte the Championship tonight, but that did not happen. In fact Charlotte did retain and she had the best move of the pay-per-view so far with a beautiful top rope moonsalt onto both opponents that was flawless. The match ended when the two opponents kind of took each other out and Charlotte pinned Bailey for the win.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship


I do not care who wins this match. I really despise it when they have two heels work a match together. This match had momentum, with the whole cake incident with Lana, then the match that never started at Summer Slam. Then it was like they forgot about the rivalry for 2 or 3 weeks and all the sudden picked it back up again. Poor writing and poor build up for this match.

As for the match itself, it like groundhog day. I stopped counting how many times Rusev kicked Reigns or how many times Reigns either superpunched or speared Rusev. The build up was terrible, the match was boring, and the title changed. But I could care less.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship


This match has real potential, this pay-per-view has been boring, I hope this match revives this pay-per-view. This match was extremely slow as well. There were a couple good exchanges between the two of them, and the part involving the spanish announce table was the highlight of the match. Jericho and his interference was brilliant, but I expected Sami Zayn to negate Jericho, which never happened. Then the ref took a bump that lasted forever. Finally Stephanie sent another ref down, but that only lasted about 5 seconds. Long enough for KO to hit his powerbomb and the ref to count to 3. I will say, Stephanie played the part well with her perfect look as the ref pinned Rollins to add to the intrigue of, do you believe her or not.

Overall– This was the worst pay-per-view of the year. It was slow and downright boring at times.

Best Match– As much as it pains me to say this, and should speak volumes to the event as a whole, the Cesaro Sheamus match was the best.

Biggest Crowd Pop– Kevin Owens. The crowd likes the heel character and ate up his trash talking during the match.

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