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3 Impacts From Impact

With Bound For Glory barely over a week away, what stood out the most on the last Impact BEFORE the last Impact before Bound For Glory? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

To the surprise of absolutely no one, it will be Aron Rex and Drew Galloway facing off in the Grand Championship Tournament Final at Bound For Glory. Drew defeated Eddie Edwards in one semifinal, while Rex defeated Eli Drake in the other to set up this inevitable grudge match. This was several weeks in the making, when Drew beat down guest referee Rex after Drew’s loss to Ethan Carter III. Now there’s a week left to build up this match, and I can definitely see a war of words happening in next week’s penultimate pre-BFG Impact.

The appearance of Luscious Latasha on Impact was an amazing surprise. Latasha is known as a regular at Shine Wrestling, among other promotions, and she appeared as Maria Kanellis’ opponent for her “workout” session. Of course, the session fell flat when a second opponent appeared in a masked disguise and went after Maria, before revealing herself as Gail Kim, Maria’s BFG opponent. Of course, this was the continuation of Maria’s abuse towards Allie, which is why I would think that Gail would win on October 2 even with her HoF induction. I could definitely see Allie intentionally cost Maria the title at BFG

Couldn’t help but enjoy what’s going on in the X Division. DJ Z successfully defended the title against Trevor Lee after basically issuing an open challenge to anyone in the X Division. He was saved by Eddie Edwards from a post-match attack, and Eddie later challenged DJ Z to a title bout set for next week. One has to believe that TNA’s X Division elevation is happening as a result of the WWE resurrecting the Cruiserweight Division last month. I wonder how the X Division will be featured at Bound For Glory. Maybe an Ultimate X match perhaps?

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact! Next week, the final Impact before BFG, with Lethal Lockdown main eventing! Until then!

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