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Pick Six: Week 3

After a disappointing week two to many, I am excited to begin week three! If you are unfamiliar with this article, I will be asking for fantasy questions on Twitter @FantasyFlurry with the hashtag #AskFLURRY. I will be choosing six of the best questions to answer right here each week to help you win your league! Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our fantasy sports community!


1) Leo | @leo4thewin

Q: Jesse James over Fleener? 

A: Unfortunately, yes. We can’t wait around for Fleener to figure things out, so we have to pick the guy who has more than three catches. If you are able to stash Fleener on your bench, do it, but not everyone has the luxury of open bench spots.


2) Seth Elefant | @selefant18

Q: Is Mike Wallace Legit?

A: Strangely enough, yes! He is the definition of a fantasy zombie! Even though I say this, keep in mind that that I do not think he will have a touchdown every week. He will have his share of bad weeks, but he clearly has established a role in this offense, and Joe Flacco is comfortable throwing him the ball.


3) ManFresh | @leal_manny

Q: Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck? Both are so upsetting right now. 


A: Definitely Wilson for me this week. He will be going up against a pretty poor secondary. As long as his offensive line can keep him off of his back, he will have a bounce-back game.


4) jrue | @cakersrsbk

Q: Should I do Sammy Watkins for Victor Cruz?

A: I don’t think so. My main gripe with Sammy Watkins has always been health, and obviously Cruz has his own history. With the OC change in Buffalo, I think they will make it a point to get the ball to their best players, and that is Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy. If they want to have success, the offense needs to flow through those two.


5) Wayne Packer | @Wayne311

Q: Week 3 flex PPR. Crabtree, Gore, or Langford?

NFL: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

A: I’m going Gore here. San Diego has a pretty good defense, but definitely not better than Denver’s. Gore found a way to put up 15.3 fantasy points against the Broncos last week in PPR, and he’s more than capable of doing it again this week.


6) Jeff Miller | @alizak68

Q: Crowell, Coleman, Sims, Riddick, McKinnon, and Whittaker. Who would you add in the long-term? I lost AP and Woodhead. 

A: Out of this group, Crowell is the best long-term option. He is running very well behind that offensive line so far, and the return of Josh Gordon should only space opposing defenses out more and create more scoring opportunities. I would not blame you if you picked up McKinnon since you have AP though, but Crowell will be the better week-to-week option.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send me more questions on Twitter this week to get make it in the next “Pick Six” and get answers/advice to help you win your fantasy championship and #ConquerTheCrown!

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