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Bucs Beat: Did Anyone Get off the Plane?

40-7????? There’s no excuse on God’s green earth as to why that should be the final score of TB vs AZ, but it was. I don’t know who exactly it was in those pewter and red uniforms, but I can tell you it wasn’t the Bucs. Not the same Bucs that last week took care of a decent Falcons team, in Atlanta. It was hard to even find 2 ups for this game as the Bucs got trounced at a game I personally attended. It was rough. There I sat with my Doug Martin jersey, I cringed every time a pass was thrown by Jameis. Sidenote: If someone says anything remotely resembling a crab legs joke EVER again…….  anyway it is, what it is. Though there were plenty of options for the “down” part of this article the “up” part was extremely difficult so bear with me as I turn the most remote positive into an “up” part of the game.Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

Two Up

The 6th year corner out of UCLA, had a decent day defending. He has at least 2 passes defensed mainly early on in the game. Since signing from Tennessee he has been largely absent. In my opinion, that’s due in part, to Lovie’s defensive scheme last year. Verner has been to the Pro Bowl and has been an all pro at his position before. With this new Mike Smith Defense I think Verner still has a solid season or two to give the Bucs. Though I doubt he will make the pro bowl, Verner can provide much needed help at a position were the Bucs lack depth. Hopefully he keeps it up. Whatever the case it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

I debated putting Brian Anger here because he actually had a great day punting the football (I mean, when you have to punt the ball 6 times) but I went with the more relatable player Hump. Catching six balls for 67 yards was a solid day for Humphries in the receiving game. Hump has excelled since taking over slot duties and boasts great hands and shifty little moves. He reminds me of a poor man’s Edelman. He has the ability to turn short yardage screen into moderate gains. If Jameis gets on the same page with Vincent at any point this season, Hump will be even more dangerous. Having to guard more than just Mike Evans will make a difference for our offense.

Two Down

The list of options was endless but the glaringly obvious one was Jameis. His throws were all over the place. Several times he was saved by his wide receivers from overthrowing or under throwing his receivers. The times he wasn’t? Well that’s why he had 4 picks. Jameis looked particularly off and never could quite find the target. Jameis has always shown the resilience to bounce back from throwing a pick, but Sunday he couldn’t find it. He hasn’t quite utilized all his weapons this season either. Vincent has been largely absent from the offense and last week and this week Jameis has missed throws to Vincent or there has been a disconnect on the route. Both have resulted in picks. When Jameis gets on the same page with Vincent it will once again be a scary combo. As I alluded to earlier Mike, Vincent and a shifty Edelman Jr is a scary combination.winstonhq

The running back group

Doug Martin was MIA while he was in the game, then he got hurt. Charles Sims stepped in and did nothing. Neither Back could find holes anywhere and while Martin did better than Sims, when he was gone our offense with Sims came to grinding halt. Though Rodgers did have a nice run it wasn’t enough to keep the running game solid. The rushing attack is vital to what the Buccaneers do on offense. Play action passes have been huge for the Bucs. Hopefully the combination of Sims and Jaquizz Rodgers can find holes on Sunday. The Rams front 4 is one of the best in the league but if they can find a few creases it could be the difference between a W and a loss.

Overall it’s only week 2. With 15 more weeks in the seasons it’s nothing to panic about. It hurts to lose that bad of course, but the Cardinals have been picked by some for the Super Bowl. Let’s see if the Bucs can rebound in their home opener at Ray J on Sunday.


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