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First off, they recapped what was to become the lowest rated non holiday episode of WWE Raw in nearly twenty years. Tonight, we’ll see how Mick Foley punishes Seth Rollins for his involvement in the main event and also what happens between Rusev and Roman Reigns.raw9191stegment

Out comes Reigns to very loud boo’s from the Memphis crowd.  As he was about to talk he was interrupted by Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon. It seems as though they still don’t have much confidence in letting Reigns talk. As she was walking to the ramp talking, she was then interrupted by Raw general manager Mick Foley. These twenty-minute talking segments at the beginning of Raw are really getting a bit old now. Start the show with a match once in a while, live a little!  Foley then makes the match between the two people who interfered in last weeks main event, Seth Rollins vs. Rusev.  Following that, Foley makes the match at Clash of Champions between Rusev and Reigns for the United States title.  Foley then continues to defend Stephanie and tells everyone that he’d be unemployed without her. He said he wants to be a man of his word and do the right thing, so he makes the rematch between Reigns and Owens for tonight. So they have the lowest rated Raw in a very long last week and this week, they recreate the main event. Have they lost their minds?  Out walks KO, asking if it’s all a joke. Stephanie then tells everyone that it’s not a title match but then Foley trumps her by saying that it’s going to be inside a steel cage.

Backstage, Stephanie questions Mick’s decision to  make a cage match six days away from Clash of Champions. interrupted by Rusev, Foley defends his plan to make Rusev defend the US title on Sunday. As Rusev storms off for his match against Rollins, Foley answers his phone call from Chris Jericho.

Match 1 – Seth Rollins vs. Rusev (w/Lana)

A pretty slow start to the match with Rusev working on the back of Rollins.  As Rollins gains momentum he hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  The fans begin chanting “Let’s go Rollins” so it looks like they are realizing that he’s a baby face even though WWE have done a lousy job of booking him as one.  Seth hits a couple of suicide dives to the outside which gets the crowd more and more into the match. The two fought outside of the ring to a double count out. While at the top of the ramp, Rusev get’s pushed off of the stage and then Rollins climbs the announce table to dive onto Rusev which the crowd lapped up.

rawrollinsdivesannouncetableBackstage, Foley is with Charlotte and Dana. Charlotte is showing Foley the footage from last week of  Sasha’s shoulders that were also down while pinning Charlotte for the victory. Charlotte says that because of that happening, there is no number one contender. Dana then interrupts and suggests a match between Sasha and Bailey tonight, the winner to face Charlotte this Sunday. Foley tops that by making the match on Sunday for the Women’s title, a triple threat match between Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bailey. Charlotte is then furious with Dana again making suggestions to Foley and pushes her down.

Next up, WWE do what I’ve thought they should do since they announced the Cruiserweights coming to Raw, show a video of whoever is in a match tonight to let the Raw audience know who they are.  So we see short videos on Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick.

rawstrowmancaraBackstage, KO and Jericho were complaining about Owens being put in the cage match tonight. They talked about how Foley is making him jump through hoops. So then Jericho grabs a pad from a nearby worker and says that he’s going to make a list of everything Foley does wrong and show it to him. I love these two, everything they do on air is awesome. They have great chemistry. One day this will turn into a great fued with some great matches.

Match 2 – Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara

After the disaster which was their last match, they decide to do it again. A very quick match with Strowman winning with a running powerslam. Nothing special, just a squash. Put him in a ten minute match and you’ll soon notice his weaknesses.

Backstage, Bailey and Sasha argued about who was going to win the Women’s title this Sunday, waste of time really.

Match 3 – Sasha Banks & Bailey vs. Charlotte & Dana Brookerawwomenstagteam

Sasha and Bailey made their separate entrances to the ring, Bailey is continuing to gain popularity with the mainstream WWE audience, where Charlotte continues to be one of the best heel’s on Raw.  The three of the four horsewomen have great chemistry in the ring together, Dana’s work in there was pretty minimal though. Once off the hot tag, Bailey runs wild but not until Dana interferes as Bailey was about to hit the Bailey to Belly on Charlotte. Bailey turns around and then gets hit with a big boot and pinned by Charlotte for the three.

Rollins goes into Stephanie’s office to ask why she’s doing what she’s doing with Triple H and Kevin Owens. Seth tells her that maybe they’ll come crawling back to him when wins the WWE Universal title, he’ll be their worst nightmare.  She says that she believes KO is the right man to represent Raw and hold the title. He leaves saying that she’s changed since her brother, Shane returned.rawbodallas

Match 4 – Bo Dallas vs. Gary Graham

What can I say? Meaningless promo, quick pin. Enough said.

They then recap the finale of the Cruiserweight Classic from Wednesday night.

Match 5 – Cesaro vs. Sheamus (Match 6 of the best of 7 series)

The current score is 3-2 in Sheamus’s favor. I must admit, again, I groaned when I saw that this match was next.  All of these match are starting to blur into one, maybe it’s just me.  The match was again focused on the back of Cesaro, at one point Sheamus hit a nasty White Noise on the apron which got a groan from the crowd. Sheamus tries to win the match the same way that Cesaro did last week by putting his feet on the ropes with a roll up but got caught by the referee. The win comes when Cesero hits the neutralizer. They are tied at 3-3 and the deciding match will happen this Sunday at Clash of Champions.rawcesarsoshemuas

Jericho finds Foley backstage, says that he doesn’t like how he’s treating his best friend Kevin Owens. These two were fantastic together, Jericho shows Foley his list and Foley just mocks him all the way through. Sadly, probably the highlight of the night so far.

After the break, Jericho is in the ring, ready to read his list of things he hates about Mick Foley.  As he was standing there beginning to read his lists I had flashbacks of WCW Nitro from the mid 90’s where Jericho read his list of 1004 holds that he was going to use on the man of a thousand holds, Dean Malenko.  As he talks about how he’s going to put Sami Zayn on the list and cross him off once he defeats him, he’s interrupted by Enzo and Big Cas.  They make fun of Jericho’s clothes, which is a running joke every week on Raw and then they begin to list other famous best friends before being interrupted by The Shining Stars.  The Shining Travel Agents then start trying to sell Enzo and Cas their timeshare in Puerto Rico but then were interrupted by The New Day.  Xavier promotes his YouTube channel, saying how he’s giving away new iPhones so they can call their family and tell them they beat Gallows and Anderson this Sunday.  Then out come Gallows and Anderson saying how they beat The New Day but all they can do is talk about their stupid YouTube Channel and their stupid cereal.  Jericho says everyone is on the list now and as he does, Zayn comes out to attack him and then everyone is in the ring in a massive brawl.

Match 6 – Sami Zayn, Big E, Kofi, Enzo & Cas vs. Chris Jericho, The Shining Stars and Gallows & Anderson.

raw10mantagThis 10 man tag was made during the break by Raw General Manager Mick Foley.  This match was clearly made just to promote the three matches with the wrestlers involved, Jericho vs. Zayn, New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson and Enzo and Cas vs. The Shining Stars.  The finnish came with Enzo hitting the Badaboomshakalaka on Chris Jericho.

Next up, Mick Foley is in the ring to introduce the Cruiserweights, Rich Swan, Gran Metalik,  Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick.  Foley then announces that the four men in the ring will now compete in a number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight title at Clash of Champions.

Match 7 – Fatal 4 Way (Winner faces TJ Perkins at Clash of Champions for the WWE Cruiserweight Title)

rawcruserweightsFrom the get go, the first thing I noticed that the commentary team were actually calling the match which was a breath of fresh air.  They were giving the backgrounds of each man so the new audience could get to know them.  Lots of dives in this match with an impressive one by Alexander who lands on feet.  By this point the crowd weren’t as loud as they had been earlier in the night, hopefully it’s just that they were getting tired and not because they weren’t into the match as these guys were working their asses off.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a couple of light “This is awesome” chants but nothing too loud at all.  The finish comes as Brian Kendrick makes Cedric Alexander tap with the Captain’s Hook submission.  A good start to the Cruiserweight Division on Raw, hopefully they can keep the ball rolling.

They then promote Alicia Foxx vs. Nia Jax for this Sunday’s Clash of Champions.

Main Event – Steel Cage Match (Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns)

rollinstopofcageKevin Owens starts the match by repeatedly trying to exit the cage at any chance possible. This wasn’t an exciting cage match at all, very slow and not a lot of action until Reigns hit a Superman Punch which KO kicked out of. Owens also hit a finisher, hitting his Pop Up Powerbomb which Roman Reigns kicked out of. Reigns gets the victory as there was the classic chase, Owens crawling across the canvas after another Superman Punch and Reigns being one step ahead by climbing over the top of the cage for the victory.  After the match Rusev comes out to attack Reigns along with KO.  Rusev then locks himself and Owens inside the cage with Reigns so they can do more damage. Then, to cheers, out comes Seth Rollins to help Reigns. Rollins climbs to the top of the cage and wipes out KO and Rusev before the shows goes off the air.

A mixed bag tonight, some good promos and some good matches. Good to see the cruiserweights and looking forward to seeing the championship match on Sunday between TJP & Brian Kendrick. That said, I’m still not sure if it’s enough to get those ratings back up to a respectable level.

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