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I truly love covering Smack Down Live. Not just from the ease of a Tuesday night….the show itself is fantastic to be a part of.  There is so much young talent on the show & the WWE veterans are extremely cohesive.  It’s fairly obvious that the greener wrestlers are working with tenured veterans to help them transition from NXT.  But the superstars on the roster currently have some pretty good battles going.  These rivalries would take precedence for the majority of tonight’s show. The first of which pitted Miz versus Dolph Ziggler. Daniel Bryan had words with Miz early on. They referenced Miz’s newly renegotiated contract.  Apparently, Miz was not aware that the contract was contingent upon tonight’s title match against Dolph Ziggler.

Great match between these two! I will never miss an opportunity to watch these two go at it. They play off each other very well & Maryse always seems to factor in. The announcers went out of their way to acknowledge Dolph Ziggler being inducted into Kent State’s wrestling Hall of Fame this past weekend. Ziggler wrestled amateur in college. If you pay attention during the broadcast, Smack Down tries to legitimize some of their performers. Whether it’s the amateur wrestlers like Dolph, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, & Jack Swagger or former NFL players like Baron Corbin & Mojo Rawley, I believe that Smack Down wants to be the more athletic, less entertainment brand.

Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss had a contract signing tonight.  While the two had decent parts in the segment, it was a rather predictable interaction.


Becky has the backing of the WWE Universe. No doubt. But you can’t deny Alexa’s meteoric rise as a performer. I believe she is the perfect competition for Becky Lynch, as the Smack Down roster is currently constructed.

Except for tonight’s last match, many other matches ended rather quickly.


Randy Orton defeated Erick Rowan


The Usos defeated American Alpha (GASP!)


Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews


Naomi & Nikki Bella faced Natalya & Carmella tonight.  The match did not last long.



John Cena fought Dean Ambrose in the 2nd main event. A hard fought battle, but Dean would ultimately prevail. Surprising, but what happened next, was not.  A.J. Styles appeared from the crowd to take out both competitors.  This ultimately led to Daniel Bryan announcing that, Dean Ambrose will face A.J. Styles in a WWE Title rematch. That rematch will take place next Tuesday, from the Q Arena in Cleveland, for Smack Down Live. Can not wait.


Hope you enjoyed the read…..

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