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OTOGH: Rangers Are Down But No Where Near Out

cole-hamels-texas-rangersYes, the Oakland A’s beat the Rangers two out of three games. Cole Hamels has not looked good. There is a reason. He is tired. I think Hamels missing a start would do wonders for his moral. He won’t sit, he is too much of a gamer but sometimes a break is necessary to clear the mind. Colby Lewis has me a bit worried, its hard to judge someone who is coming off the DL. Are his problems going to go away with more time or is it something else? There is no real answer so you just keep playing him and see where it goes. Yu Darvish while, the A’s have his number, has good numbers when it comes to other teams. Derek Holland, had a few great starts and then is shaky even spending some time during the Houston series in the bullpen. Its going to be a question mark if Holland or Hamels will start on Wednesday. Hamels could use the rest and Holland could use the start against the Angels to shore up his performance.

The bullpen is the main problem, we don’t have enough arms to get the job done, its been a long season and the bullpen has been used a lot. There are guys in particular that have had some problems going more than one day in a row. Matt Bush, and Jake Diekman, are two guys who do a lot better with more time in between uses, They can’t be used every day. Hopefully Lewis’ last outing against the A’s he looked better and maybe that is a sign that we won’t need the long man.

The long season has meant tired bats, and these last games have shown a dying of the bats, I should say a little bit. We have enough depth in the lineups to give key bats some rest. That is going to be the key to the playoffs, right now it doesn’t matter we have the AL west in the bag, we need to think of the playoffs and rest the people that are going to get us to the World Series

Its my prediction that the Rangers will not only win the west but the entire AL. We have all the pieces.

Johnathan Lucroy-327/.375/.519. a solid piece to the lineup not just as a bat, but the game changer of a legitimate catcher. Watching him frame pitches is a marvel for sure. Clearly the Texas heat has no effect on this southern boy, he has been on fire since coming over.yudarvish

Starting rotation

Cole Hamels 14 wins and 5 losses 3.42 ERA

Yu Darvish 5 wins and 5 losses 3.81 ERA

Derek Holland 7-8 4.98 ERA

Colby Lewis 6-3 3.40 ERA

Martin Perez 10- 10 4.20 ERA

A.J. Griffin. 7-4 4.78 ERA

Not only is this a great rotation but it is also one that is fluid, guys can be mixed and matched with whatever the line up is thrown at them. Its going to be important to rest these guys during the the regular season

The Bats: In the last 15 gamesbeltranodor

Adrian Beltre .350/.400/.650

Carlos Beltran .370/.424/.537

Carlos Gomez .260/.383/.540

Ian Desmond .246/.333/.377

Rougned Odor .306/.348/.565

Name me another team that has five large bats, the only ones you can name are in the same position as us and are heading to the playoffs. The Rangers are going to be a little shaky as the season comes to a close but that is the very advantage of having at the time of writing this an 8.5 game lead over the Mariners for the AL West.


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