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For anyone who knows me, they will know that there is one football club I hate with a passion and that is Liverpool football club!

This week my beloved Blues faced Liverpool in a Friday night fixture and both teams have had a bit of a wobble with Liverpool looking a bit more complete!costa-dd

Now Chelsea were without the Injured John Terry so David Luiz made his return which left a lot of fans feeling nervous.

Chelsea lost the game at home 2-1, with our strike coming from Diego Costa who has started the started the season on fire!

Here are the player ratings according to sky!

Chelsea: Courtois (6), Ivanovic (5), Cahill (5), David Luiz (5), Azpilicueta (5), Kante (6), Willian (6), Oscar (5), Matic (5), Hazard (5), Costa (7).

Subs: Fabregas (5), Pedro (5), Moses (5)..


Now defeat in football happens, it’s part of the game! However its the manner of the defeat which Chelsea fans need to worry about!

I have many fans on my twitter who say ‘It’s only 5 games in don’t panic’. Yes it is 5 games in but if you don’t perform in those 5 games and your rivals do perform, then you’re on the back foot and playing catch up, and before you know it it’s May and you’re finishing 10th in the league!! Sound familiar?

I saw the game and was gob smacked at what I witnessed.

Now I shall break my frustrations up.



We all knew at the start of the season that we needed defenders. Hell from last season we all knew Ivanovic doesn’t have the legs anymore. But for some reason the issue was approached sufficiently. Gary Cahill last week was unfairly fouled to concede a goal, and yes their are arguments about whether or not he should have dealt with the situation before hand but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. This week however I can not defend him as he can’t defend our goal. Henderson scored a beauty of a goal against us, but the goal came from a shockingly poor clearance from Cahill! A clearance that lacked any conviction or even any thought to clear his lines, more a guided pass into the path of Henderson. Lovren’s goal was just outrageous!!garycahill

5 Liverpool shirts at the back post and only 1 Chelsea shirt!! Did none of our defenders have the brain sense to look round and realize they were marking each other while the Liverpool lads were at the back post taking bets on which one of them would score? When John doesn’t play, our defense lacks leadership, direction and overall common sense and Conte needs to address this.


Matic & Oscar:

I could rant for days but I shall try to keep it short. I am struggling to see what Chelsea managers see and I am definitely struggling to see what made Conte say that Chelsea have balance with Oscar in the side!!! They run around and have energy, but they have no purpose. Matic form has long gone and Oscar is still living off those 2 goals he scored against Juventus 800 years ago. They bring no steel and lack creativity and our midfield just gets run over with them in the side. I’d rather slow lazy players who are effective and dangerous with the ball, than fit energetic players who do nothing of any note during a 90 minute game.oscarchelsea2



fabregasThis man should be playing, I am not sure what he has done to Conte but there is no reason why he should not be on the pitch. The man has created as many chances as Matic and Oscar yet has played nearly 270 minutes less! This can not continue because Fabregas would get into any other side in the world yet the rolling Circus which is Chelsea continues to make life difficult for players of genuine World Class ability.



2015-2016 Player of the Year………SO!


Yes he was the best because everyone else was so shocking. Look how bad everyone else had to be for Willian to look like a decent player and some fans are thankful of that. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Willian is a very average footballer who puts in the odd good performance and shows a willingness to keep running, however his stop start dribbling and decision making in the final 3rd has killed many of our counter attacks. Cross field passes when a simple through ball is on! Willian has energy but he belongs at a side like Everton or Stoke, not at Chelsea where quality is needed in vital areas of the pitch.



When we were linked with Conte before Jose came back I was not happy about the situation. We then got linked again and then this time it happened so I thought OK I will get behind him. He played youth, got best out of some mediocre players so I had faith.

chelseaconteIt appears my faith was misguided, 5 games in you say! Well I say 5 games and a whole pre-season to make Chelsea play pretty much play how they did last season. I don’t feel he has stamped his identity into the team. His substitutions are embarrassing! When you are 2-1 down, why make 3 subs with 7 minutes to go? How are you expecting them to settle into the game and make a difference in 7 minutes! His substitutions never seem tactical they just always seem ‘Last throw of the dice’ and he has been found out already.

His team selections and stubbornness are going to end up with another bad season for Chelsea and with him being sacked! We have 2 hungry strikers who would cause havoc if played together, but Conte decides to only play one and give the other 15 minutes here or there. Our most gifted playmaker has been collecting bench minutes while he watches 2 headless chickens not know how to pass forward effectively.

Conte is watching Ivanovic get beaten or make defensive errors week in and week out but still won’t replace him. So tell me why am I going to have faith in a manager who won’t change the things that are going wrong? Yes the board didn’t fully back him in the summer, but at the end of the day we have squad that is capable of fighting for the top 4 in this league. Conte needs to quickly prove he is that man. I don’t want another season where we are relying on Costa and Hazard to get points.

As much as I hate Liverpool and I hated Benitez being at Chelsea, he got the best out of our players. He managed to get the best out of Victor Moses who banged in double figures…..Hell he even managed to persuade Torres to bang in 23 in all competitions.

Chelsea are a club that are confusing to everybody including our own fan base. Somewhere along the line someone needs to make a stand and change the basic problems that everyone else can see!!


In other news:

thorganhazardThorgan Hazard is in superb form over in Germany with 5 goals in 6 appearances. Chelsea have a buy back option of 15 million but knowing Chelsea we will wait until he worth 70 million before we make a bid.

Chelsea are rumored to be looking at Ben Davies to join the clubs defense. My opinion on this….If he isn’t good enough for Spurs then why is he good enough for Chelsea.


Pit of the Week:

Performance against Liverpool and how shocking the defense was with such basic defending.


Peak of the Week:

Costa carrying on his fine form.


Next Fixture: September 20th Leicester (a)


Until Next Time…….KTBFFH


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