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NXT Weekly: Rematch Looming


This week’s NXT heated up to new degrees with Samoa Joe setting the pace early. The show kicked off with Joe calling out Shinsuke Nakamura.joeshin

The confrontation turned violent after Joe promised to beat Nakamura in a championship rematch. Joe then blindsided Nakamura and laid him out to prove that he may be much closer to healthy than suspected. Nakamura left the show in a stretcher, and kicked off a night that was fueled by emotions from every superstar. The show wasn’t as spectacular as last week when it came to in-ring spectacles, but made up for it by pushing character development and emotion in a very good show.

  • Liv Morgan def. Rachel Faziolivmorgannxt2


This match wasn’t as much a contest as it was a chance for Morgan to show off and build momentum. All signs point towards Liv being in the title picture relatively soon, with only Ember Moon being potentially in front of her in line for a title shot. Fazio didn’t look too bad herself, and with more time to develop her craft, she may impress an audience very soon. Morgan is still looking to solidify her character, but if she builds a persona around her athleticism, she’ll be championship material in no time.

  • Hideo Itami def. Drew Gulakhideoitamivsdrewgulak


Fresh out of the Cruiserweight Class, Gulak sought to prove himself this week against Itami. The outcome was much different than Gulak’s expectations however, as Itami controlled the match from start to finish. Itami is running on a full tank of momentum, but it’s still unclear what direction the great superstar is heading in now. This match was good, but didn’t have a clear purpose and just served as another beat down for Itami over a cruiserweight for seemingly no reason.

  • Authors of Pain def. Chris Payne and Doug Sessamastersofpainnxt


Speaking of one-sided, holy poop was this a whooping. A.O.P. did what they always do, and controlled this one from the get go. Every move from the two behemoths looked like it was enough to end the match right there. A.O.P. is eventually going to get a title shot, and when they do, lord have mercy on whoever’s holding the belts. A.O.P hasn’t come close to losing a match yet, but a tighter contest would also be interesting to see from the dominating duo.

  • Bobby Roode def. No Way Josebobbyroodenowayjose


In the match of the night, the glorious one went one-on-one with the party animal. Both men looked sharp in this contest, but it was Roode who eventually came out on top. Roode continues to impress, both in charisma and talent in the ring. Roode feeds off the audience and rakes in the heat as a wonderful deal. No Way Jose looked good as well, showing off his power and athleticism in this contest. These two competitors didn’t meld perfectly in the ring, with some parts feeling slow in this match, but the talent of these fighters elevated this match and the show in general to new heights

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