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3 Impacts From Impact

The countdown to Bound For Glory is on, and the card is shaping up! What stood out the most in this latest edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The aftermath of Delete of Decay saw the Hardys–Matt, Jeff, and Reby–all in the ring as they called out Decay. The in-ring segment included the official announcement of the tag title contest between the two sides set for Bound For Glory, but regarding Impact, Decay entered the ring and got in the faces of the Hardys, which led to all of them–Reby and Rosemary included–brawling. The last moment of the segment was Reby delivering the Twist of Fate to Rosemary, a sight I’ve been waiting to see since Reby officially became a regular part of TNA in January. One has to hope and/or believe that this may lead to Reby competing in the ring finally. Reby has only competed twice in a TNA ring, doing so at Knockouts Knockdown 2 back in 2014. Though, I still want to say that Reby was the one dressed as a villainous Willow impostor competing against Jeff, but that hasn’t been proven. Regardless, I do hope to finally see Reby compete.

At long last, Chelsea Green finally made her TNA in-ring debut, doing so as the evil Laurel Van Ness. Laurel was introduced by Maria Kanellis as a replacement for Allie in the #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match, with the claim that Allie is not a wrestler–even though she’s a former Knockouts Champion. Clearly this was Maria’s continued abuse towards Allie, as she also introduced Laurel as being smarter and better than Allie. Regarding her heel gimmick, Chelsea’s tweets suggest that Laurel is portrayed as an arrogant “rich girl.” She did a good job in the ring and with her character, which is no shock. Chelsea has worked as a heel before as Jaida, and of course there was her one-shot villainous appearance as Megan Miller on Raw in 2013. I do hope to see Laurel and Raquel (Tough Enough‘s Gabi Castrovinci) battle it out because of their TE history.

Laurel was not the only one competing in a TNA ring for the first time, as Aron Rex made his in-ring debut for TNA, defeating former X Division Champion Trevor Lee in a first round match in the Grand Championship Tournament. Clearly, this is a set up for a Rex/Drew final, and unlike the BFG tournament, I do see us actually getting the final we’re expecting. But if and when this final happens at BFG, who will they have win the title?  There is no easy answer, as both options are logical. Drew winning would put him over as a heel. Rex winning would put the new guy over. Either way, this will be interesting.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, the semifinals of the tournament:  Aron Rex vs Eli Drake and Drew Galloway vs Eddie Edwards! Until then!

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