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The Cubs Become 1st Team “Made For October”

The Cubs are the first team to make the 2016 MLB Postseason! They are to be celebrated and congratulated. Their philosophy of putting together a team has worked so far, but it is early. The organizational philosophy has been stock pile their minor leagues with a bunch of hitters, and buy the pitchers.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have been the cornerstones of that group of stock pilled hitters. While they went out and bought Lester, and Lackey. So far, the plan has worked. This is the second year in a row the Cubs have made the postseason. But, because they were the first in, does that mean they have to be the last eliminated? Is it World Series Champions or bust?

We can and believe me we will talk about that later. But right now the next goal is to get home field advantage through out the playoffs. And how can they obtain that? They have to win or the Nationals have to loose a combination of 9 more games.

“This is what we work for,” Montero said after spraying champagne in the clubhouse and dancing with his teammates. “A lot of people play for many years in the big leagues and never get that chance to experience something like that. It’s a great experience and great feeling. I’m proud of every single guy on the team.” As you can see by the video above Montero gave the Cubs the walk-off win tonight that helped them clinch the National League Central Division crown. They actually won the division the following day, just before midnight even though they lost that game, when the Giants beat the Cardinals, that sealed the deal.

“It’s the first step, but it’s biggest step,” Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said. “If you’re playing the best, then you will win and that’s what we have to be.” The Cubs’ players and coaches took the field before the game started to acknowledge the fans and received a standing ovation from the crowd of 40,823.

“Champagne is the best smell in baseball. It never gets old.” — Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein.

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