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Mile High Magic; Keys to week 2 Indy Victory

The Broncos dodged a bullet in the season opener against Carolina with Graham Gano missing a potentially game winning 50-yard field goal with 4 seconds left. The Broncos cannot rely on being that lucky all season, but with the Indianapolis Colts coming into Sports Authority Field at Mile High I believe Denver has an easier task this week but that does not mean they should let their foot off the gas pedal at all. In order to defeat the Colts, the Broncos need to follow these three keys to victory.broncosvscolts1

The first key is quite simple, contain Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck is known for being a great pocket passer with a very solid arm. However, the Colts have only had one 100-yard rusher since 2012. Andrew Luck has led the Colts in passing touchdowns (no surprise there), but also in rushing touchdowns since 2012. For a quarterback who’s not known for his legs, but more for physicality, if he leads your team in rushing touchdowns you have a major problem, unless his name is Cam Newton. If the Denver defense can keep Luck in the pocket, and let the “No Fly Zone” do their job, the Broncos should have no problem stopping the colts, which leads to good field position which at the end of the day, will lead to points.

After containing Luck, the Broncos NEED to take advantage of the Colts weak offensive line. I guess you could say this falls into the same category as containing Luck, but in completely different ways. If Wade Phillips can get the pass rush attacking Luck early in the first quarter, and keep the pressure coming with all the depth we have, the game is close too over. We have so much depth at pass rushing, I

Photo by; Ben Liebenberg via AP

Photo by; Ben Liebenberg via AP

wouldn’t be surprised if Phillips tries to find different ways to rush the quarterback, perhaps putting Ware and Miller on the same side? No?I can only dream.

The last key to winning the game is keep Trevor Siemian comfortable and not flustered. The revamped Denver offensive line with the additions of Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson did in my opinion, a phenomenal job keeping Siemian calm in the pocket. The Panthers had 3 sacks Thursday night. And, yes they had two interceptions but only one was truly Siemian’s fault, the under-thrown fade to Emmanuel Sanders in the third quarter. The first interception was just a great tip by Cony Ealy and picked off by Thomas Davis.

If the Broncos can do these 3 key steps, they will without a doubt go to Cincinnati, week three, with a 2-0 record.

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