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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the latest edition of The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the most recent episode of Lucha Underground.

The show started with a flashback to the murder of Mr. Cisco, at the hands of Dario Cueto, only we see the reaction from Reyes, Joey Ryan, and their superior, Captain Vasquez. As far as the in ring action, we see Famous B for the first time this season, with The Beautiful Brenda and his new client, Dr. Wagner Jr., who defeated Son of Havoc at Ultima Lucha Dos. His opponent is Famous B’s former client, Mascarita Sagrada, and as we recall, Famous B ditched and beat down Sagrada after he kept losing matches. So for the diminutive Sagrada, it was his chance at payback, but unfortunately, he was soundly defeated by Wagner.lu91416

We now see a scene from what appears to be centuries ago, where a young girl is given an amulet by her dying father. Before passing on, he tells her that once she grows into a woman, she will never age due to the power of the amulet. Fast forward later on, and it appears that the young girl is Captain Vasquez, who is shown holding half of the amulet. She later chews out Reyes and suspends him. Hmmm. More on Vasquez later.

Mil Muertes was in action, and he quickly disposed of Argenis. It was what happened after the match that stood out, as all of a sudden, Prince Puma entered and went after the Man of 1000 Deaths, much to Catrina’s shock. Puma and Mil Muertes have some history with each other. Puma was the very first Lucha Underground Champion; Mil Muertes became the second when he defeated Puma at the first Ultima Lucha. Vampiro gave Puma some sage advice last week, and he appeared to have listened.joeyryan2

We later see Joey Ryan in Cueto’s office, revealing that he is a cop–as is Reyes–and offering to become a double agent working for him as well. On the flip side, Reyes entered Vasquez’s office, and decided to be on her side on the oncoming war. The segment ended with Vasquez again holding the portion of the amulet. More on that later.

lu-weapons-of-mass-destruction-640x370The main event commenced:  a Weapons of Mass Destruction match between Killshot and Marty The Moth. Marty was already bleeding within two minutes of this match, which was grueling and epic beyond proportion. The shown expressions of Vampiro and Melissa Santos were evidence of how crazy the match was. As expected, Mariposa, Marty’s sister, attempted to interfere, but Killshot knocked her off the ladder that they were on, sending her through a table. At long last, Killshot snatched away his dog tags; the symbol of their bitter feud, and sent Marty through a table. Killshot fought hard and suffered a lot of pain, but he emerged victorious, and the war between himself and Marty was finally over.

The episode ended with a furious Mil Muertes wanting Puma, and Catrina responded that he will get him. It was in the final moment that caught the attention of many. Remember that amulet? Vasquez had half of it in her possession, and we now know where the other half is:  in the evil hands of Catrina. What could this mean? Are Vasquez and Catrina estranged sisters? The plot thickens.

That is the Lucha Lowdown for this week! Until next week!

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