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Pick Six: Week 2

Hopefully you won your week one matchup, but if you didn’t, let’s see if we can get you back on track! If you are unfamiliar with this article, I will be asking for fantasy questions on Twitter @FantasyFlurry with the hashtag #AskFLURRY. I will be choosing six of the best questions to answer right here each week to help you win your league! Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our fantasy sports community!


1) 42-13 | @BraxtonMiller

Q: I’ve got Bortles and Brees, same bye week. Should I drop Bortles, keep both and pick up a QB that week, or try to trade?


A: Definitely do not drop Bortles. He has value, so you should be able to trade him. I would package him with another position to upgrade that position. You could do a 2-for-1, then pick up a second QB if you wanted to.


2) The Sports Hound | @TheSportsHound

Q: Is Tyrod droppable, or am I panicking? 

A: After a bad performance and news that Watkins is dealing with foot soreness, yes, he is droppable. I would not drop him for basically nothing though. He is still absolutely worth a bench spot (if you have room) based on his potential.


3) Mr./Coach Matt/Lane | @TrojanTeach

Q: .5 PPR/ 10 team. Which 2 to roster: Hogan/Sharpe/Wallace/Cruz/Rogers?


A: I would keep Sharpe and Hogan. Sharpe has a ton of potential and very little competition, and I think Hogan will have a consistent role this season on the Patriots. If I have to pick a runner-up, it would be Rogers.


4) jrue | @cakersrsbk

Q: Would you trade Kevin White for Melvin Gordon? I need RB. 

A: I absolutely would! I do not think this week was a fluke for Gordon. He played last season injured, and now that he’s healthy, he looks like the RB I watched every Saturday at Wisconsin! Also, Kevin White is crazy athletic, but it’ll take awhile for him to get comfortable with this offense and become a consistent contributor.


5) Chuck | @MoneyChuck24

Q: I have Fleener, thinking of trading for Barnidge. The Barnidge owner has Mathews, so should I try to move Sproles for Barnidge? Or wait? .5 PPR


A: If you can trade Sproles for Barnidge, pull the trigger. Although the news regarding RGIII is unfortunate, it helps Barnidge. McCown looks his way often. If you are unable to trade Sproles to him straight up, I would still try another offer to get him.


6) Peter Gabal | @peter_gabal

Q: Would you trade Foster for Carr straight up? My QB is Rivers. 

A: No, I would not for a couple reasons. First, Foster looked pretty good against the Seahawks, and I think this continues as long as he’s healthy. Once the offense gets better and Parker returns, this will create even more scoring opportunities for Foster due to having the field position to do so. I think Carr is an alright QB this year, but he’s not much better than Rivers, if at all. If you’re nervous about Rivers because of the loss of Keenan Allen, you really shouldn’t be. Obviously Allen helps him, but he still finished as the 10th-best fantasy QB last season when Allen missed half of the season. The Chargers have more options to throw to this season, the offensive line is better, and his division opponents’ defenses are worse overall, so he is actually in a better situation this year.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send me more questions on Twitter this week to get make it in the next “Pick Six” and get answers/advice to help you win your fantasy championship and #ConquerTheCrown!

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