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The Pinstripe Post: Fernandez To The Yankees? No Way Jose!

The New York Yankees have under gone a youth movement. They have re energized life into the Yankees as fans anticipate the next great Yankee team. Over the past few days there has been an increasing amount of talk that the Yankees should and will target Jose Fernandez in the off-season. I say the Yankees should say “No Thanks!” and why you should to!josefernandez

First off, the supposed asking price for Jose Fernandez is absurd. Experts are saying it would cost the Yankees Frazier, Torres, Sheffield and more! A pitcher with a history of arm problems, and that is not proven in the American Leagues is not worthy of that price.

Jose Fernandez is just 24 years old. He has already broken into the majors as a star. His first season he posted a 2.19 ERA over 173 innings; however, the next two years he was plagued by injuries. He has already had Tommy John surgery, and this season has posted a 3.03 ERA over 160 innings. That equates to a good season; however, let’s remember, that is in the national league, and a lot of pitchers struggle to johnny_cuetotransfer from the NL to the AL.

When a pitcher moves from the AL to the NL a lot of times it isn’t that they have figured anything out. It’s just that the NL is less talented offensively, and they face the pitcher. It’s no secret that Ivan Nova, and AJ Burnett among others have found success in the NL after transferring from the AL. Another well documented case of a pitcher struggling to adapt to the AL was Johnny Cueto. Last season he posted a 2.62 ERA with the Reds, but when he came to Kansas City he posted a 4.76ERA. This year since he has returned to the NL he has returned to form posting a 2.92 ERA with the Giants. Fernandez wouldn’t just be transitioning to the AL he would be transitioning to Yankee Stadium and the AL East.

josequintanaNow, with all of that being said Jose Fernandez does have devastating stuff, and I do believe he could really help the Yankees; however, if he is going to cost you a high price tag I would advise the Yankees to stay away. The Yankees can still make trades for starters to help them if they want. Jose Quintana has proven to be an ace. He has a career ERA of 3.38 in the AL and is also a lefty. He’s posted the best season of his career this year as well with a 3.05 ERA. He has thrown 200 innings in each of his last three seasons, and barring a setback should reach at least 200 innings again this season. He is still young at just 27 years of age.

Regardless, the Yankees can explore many trade options, but I would be extremely weary of looking to the National League. Especially if it comes with a high price tag. Free agency does show some promising starters to hit over the next three seasons. I’m just not sold on over paying for a National League pitcher with a history of arm troubles. His stuff is as good as anyone’s in the league, but the Yankees should maintain caution when looking at Fernandez.

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