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Bucs Beat: Promising

How about that! What a way to start the season, a division win on the road against the Falcons. Like Koetter said after the game a win, is a win. Sitting atop the NFC south with sole ownership is a nice feeling. There are many of games left on that schedule, but for now, the Buccaneers can enjoy this win. A lot had to go right on both sides in order to get this type of win. Let’s hope to see continuous improvement this season from a “youngry” Bucs team. (Raheeeeeeem)geraldmccoy

Two Up

The D-Line
It sure looks like the guys enjoy Mike Smith’s defense. While Ayers was probably  in Jake Matthews nightmares last night, McCoy didn’t want to be forgotten. Both posted 1 sack each and pressured Ryan on a ton of throws, McCoy even batted 2 balls, including a critical pass in the 4th quarter. The continuous pressure on the QB changed the game. In a division with 3 great QB’s, pressure on the quarterback could be the difference in wins and losses. Jaquies Smith did unfortunately go down. We will wait to see the severity of the injury but he is a crucial rotation guy. If he is lost for any amount of time, that could force Noah Spence to play more snaps. Regardless let’s hope the pressure continues.

4 touchdowns for the kid. Jameis was typical Jameis. For some reason he struggles early in games. Whether it’s nerves or something else, in the beginning of the game he misses throws. He had Mike Evans wide open in the end zone and overthrew him. But like typical Jameis he eventually settled down. I’d say 4 touchdown passes is settled. His Lone interception came on a miscommunication with Vincent Jackson. Clean that up and 4 touchdowns and 0 picks is pretty nice. Another bright spot is check downs. Many times last year Jameis refused to check down to his backs or tight ends. Yesterday? He did it numerous times. His read were on point and his check downs were perfect. Then there was the absolute dime to Mike in the 3rd quarter. Oh and the other dime to ASJ. I’m trying to contain myself…. but the kid looked good.jamieswinston

Two Down

Jaquies Smith
jacquiessmithAfter being pretty excited about the depth and D-Line we lose a crucial piece in the rotation. Smith’s injury was a non contact injury. Coming into a contract year, the situational pass rusher may not be re-signed after this year. The last couple years he has proven to produce, when healthy, but has been injured a lot. Losing Jaquies for any amount of time hurts the Bucs. Although he didn’t play every down the rotation of guys was a positive coming into the season. Whatever the case, it’s next man up time and it’s week 1.

The O-line

Doug finished with a modest 62 yards on the ground but the Falcons clearly focused on the run. Partially, in my opinion, due to an offensive line who didn’t play together much in the preseason due to injury. With all the shuffle the O-line had a hard time opening up holes. In pass protection the O-line did decent. But the Bucs need Martin to be able to open up the passing game even more. The O-line will most definitely improve (we hope) as the season goes on. Next week the ground game will definitely be needed as the Bucs will find themselves with a tough match-up against a strong front 7 in the desert.

Next week is a chance to prove themselves to the rest of the league. An angry Cardinals team coming off a loss at home, to a Patriots team without quite a few key starters. The ground game will be crucial to keep our offense moving. The defense will have to be at the top of their game.

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