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Royally Yours: Week in Review

The Kansas City Royals had a good week winning their series against the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox. These divisional victories were key for the Royals in the playoff chase. They are still behind in the American League Central and American League Wild Card standings but are still in the hunt.


Baltimore 78 64 .549 6-4 W2 9/11 @ DET, W 3-1 9/12 @ BOS, 7:10 PM
Toronto 78 64 .549 3-7 L1 9/11 vs BOS, L 8-11 9/12 vs TB, 7:07 PM
Detroit 76 66 .535 2.0 19 5-5 L2 9/11 vs BAL, L 1-3 9/12 vs MIN, 7:10 PM
NY Yankees 76 66 .535 2.0 19 7-3 L1 9/11 vs TB, L 2-4 9/12 vs LAD, 7:05 PM
Houston 75 68 .524 3.5 17 4-6 L1 9/11 vs CHC, L 5-9 9/12 vs TEX, 8:10 PM
Seattle 75 68 .524 3.5 17 7-3 W5 9/11 @ OAK, W 3-2 9/12 @ LAA, 10:05 PM
Kansas City 74 68 .521 4.0 17 5-5 W2 9/11 @ CWS, W 2-0 9/12 vs OAK, 7:15 PM

The Royals are likely out of the American League Central race because they are nine games behind the Cleveland Indians with only three more weeks of the regular season. They still have six games remaining against the Indians. It seems unlikely that they would be able to overtake the Indians and the wild card looks like their best opportunity to make the playoffs.


Kansas City is four games behind in the American League Wild Card. There are six teams ahead of them in the wild card standings but it is still possible for the Royals to be a wild card team. The Blue Jays, Orioles, Tigers, Yankees, and Astros are ahead of them in the standings. They will need help from other teams to make the playoffs this year but it is still possible.

Lorenzo Cain has been has been dealing with a sprained hand since August and has struggled to stay in the Royals starting lineup. The injury caused Lorenzo Cain to miss seven straight games. He returned Friday but was still struggling with the sprain. The Royals will give Cain a break this week and will wait to make a decision about his future this season. Cain will be missed this week but there is still hope that he could return in the last few weeks.soria


The pitching staff has been a problem for the Royals all season and Joakim Soria has struggled recently. In the last seven games he has three losses, a 6.75 ERA, and a 2.10 WHIP. His struggles have had a big impact on the Royals playoff chances and they will need him to be more consistent to close out the season.


The Royals will face two American League opponents this upcoming week. They will start the week against the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics are in last place in the American League West. The Royals second series will be against the Chicago White Sox. They won their series against the White Sox last week and are six games ahead of Chicago in the American League Central. The Royals will have an opportunity to pick up some important wins during the home stand this week and move closer to a wild card birth.

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