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NXT Weekly: 9/8

This week’s NXT was awesome, dope, killer, swag, and every other word you want to use that means really, really, good. The focus was firmly on great matches once again, and every match was enjoyable and could be watched multiple times without boredom. This week also featured the promotion of Ciampa and Gargano, as they announced they would return soon to claim vengeance against The Revival. Asuka also gave a great interview in which she revealed that she didn’t think any woman could beat her in NXT, and she may be right. This week showed once again why NXT is amazing, because stories and feuds can be sold through great in-ring performances without feeling stale and overdone. Take Notice RAW and Smackdown LIVE.

  1. T.M.-61 def. Tony Nese and Davariariesflysnxt

This match got things going in a great way. T.M.-61 proved once again that their athleticism and in-ring talent always leads to a good match. Meanwhile, Davari and Nese have big things in store for them as well, as the cruiserweight division kicks off on RAW soon. Both Davari and Nese looked great in the ring, and used their charisma to get the crowd against them. I hope we see more of every individual in this one.

  1. Ember Moon def. Leah Vonembermoonnxt

Ember Moon stole the show in this match. Leah Von had promising moves in the ring, also showing that he could draw some heel heat in the ring, but this match was simply a chance for Ember Moon to show off. Ember looks crazy athletic in every move she performs, and may already be one of the most popular talents in NXT. A future match-up with Asuka may be looming, and that would simply be a barn-burner. Fingers crossed that Ember Moon can have longer, and more significant matches in the coming weeks.

  1. Austin Aries def. Andrade Cien Almasarieslastchansorynxt

Another great match on a great show this week. This match was TakeOver quality, with both competitors showing off their entire arsenal of moves. Almas looked sharp and almost put Aries away a couple times with his high-flying offense, but it was Aries who countered with the Last Chancery to pick up the win. These two could face off again and again and still produce a top rate match. Aries looks to be in a future feud with Hideo Itami, and I’d like to see Almas get a quality feud that he can build some momentum in.

  1. Shinsuke Nakamura def. Steve Cutlernakamuranxt

This one wasn’t a match as much as it was a massacre. Nakamura came out to prove his dominance in this one, as he displayed everything we love about him in quick fashion before he put Steve Cutler away with his running knee. Steve Cutler didn’t look bad in this one, but he was just sort of there to be beat up. Cutler has plenty of charisma and attitude, and his future looks bright. But this match was really about Samoa Joe on commentary, which shed light on the former champs desire to return as soon as possible and redeem himself. This feud has at least one more great match in store, with my money on an eventual rubber match that boosts both competitors. The upcoming weeks of NXT will be awesome to watch for how this and every other storyline shakes out.

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