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Bucs Beat: Looking ahead

Well a new season is upon us. I’m excited. Alot of moves were made this off-season that set the tone for, hopefully, what this year will be about. Though many expressed disappointment and outcry over the firing of Lovie Smith, it was the right move. The guy lost football games by being too conservative and lack of clock management skills. Setting that aside, forcing a team to play a defense that doesn’t utilize it’s strengths is just bad coaching, plain and simple. But here we are, a new year. After 1 year it’s plain to see Jameis was the right pick. Jason Licht is absolutely brilliant (this draft class will further prove that) and we have a strong HC and Off coordinator combo in Koetter and Smith. Inconsistencies in the offensive line and a tough schedule leave me thinking 10-6 is a ceiling and 6-10 floor. Here’s a couple things I’m looking forward to seeing this year.

1: Famous Jameis and Mikeywinstonevans

It’s no secret that Jameis threw the ball to Mike Evans last year, alot. It’s also no secret that Mike Evans literally dropped every single one (it seemed like it, didn’t it!?) But going into their second year together I’m looking forward to seeing what that connection can produce. With Dirk Koetter still being the main offensive guru, Jameis should continue to improve. Even more exciting is the coaching Jameis has been receiving. By all reports, Koetter is telling Jameis to “give the big guys a shot” make the throw and let Mike and Vincent go get it. If that doesn’t make you smile as a Bucs fan, I don’t know what will.

2: The Rookies
Going back to how Jason Licht is a genius… how did he grab 2 first round talents AND still manage to land a kicker? Look I don’t care what anyone says about the Aguayo selection, we didn’t bend over backwards to get him. We gave up a pick we didn’t have at the beginning of the draft to get a guy we wanted while still landing Spence and Hargreaves. Spence has one of the best speed rushes this draft has to offer, had it not been for his off the field issues, he would’ve gone first round. Hargreaves has a true nose for the ball and has the perfect corners in Brent Grimes and Verner to show him the ropes. Though Hargreaves is undersized his athletic talent and mentors should help him succeed. ESPN can say what they want, but you have to admire Licht’s skillful maneuvering to get the guys he truly wanted. As for Aguayo’s missed kicks in the preseason…. please stop he will be just fine.vernonhargreaves2

3: Secondary
I tend to agree, with most other analyst’s, that this is one of the weaker units on the team. But, with that being said, there is a possibility they aren’t as bad as most people think. With the addition of Grimes to groom Hargreaves hopefully they will progress quickly. I also happen to think Verner could return to his past form in this new defensive system. Johnthan Banks also had a few good years when he entered the league. The decision to let Major Wright go was a little surprising but shows the confidence of the coaching staff in Tandy, McDougald, Smith and Conte. Conte especially out of this group played well while Tandy is a quality backup and Smith has promise.

I myself (like most Bucs fans) are dying for a good season let’s hope this year can be another step in the right direction.

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