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The Lucha Lowdown

Lucha Underground is back, and so is The Lucha Lowdown! Here’s what took place on the Season 3 opener:

Season 2 ended with Dario Cueto taken away and sent to jail, but Season 3 began with Cueto released from prison after only six weeks. Back in the temple, Dario was in the ring with his brother, Lucha Underground Champion Matanza, as he announced the main event, Rey Mysterio vs Pentagon Dark. As for Matanza, Cueto introduced yet another one of own concepts:  the Dial of Doom–a wheel with the names of a number of LU superstars. The spin of the wheel would decide who would receive an opportunity at Matanza and the Lucha Underground Championship, and the lucky winner (of sorts) was none other than Son of Havoc.dialofdoom

Son of Havoc, a former two-time Trios Champion, was screwed out of a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity at the end of last season, so he had a chance for redemption with this opportunity. Despite a game effort, the massive Matanza was too much for Havoc, and he successfully defended his title.

Speaking of title opportunities, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Taya were all in Cueto’s office, with Mundo demanding a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity. Cueto denies his request, reminding them that they lost the Trios Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos. Mundo stated that it was Angélico who cost them the titles, but they took care of him, as a flashback to the night of Ultima Lucha Dos showed that the trio attacked the former Trios Champion and injured him. While everyone, Cueto included, found the story amusing, Cueto still denied Mundo’s request. However, since Taya was the only one of the group to actually win at Ultima Lucha Dos, Cueto granted her a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Ivelisse was shown in the ring venting about Catrina, who cost her against Taya at Ultima Lucha Dos. It’s clear that the two want a piece of each other, and Ivelisse decided to challenge Catrina to a match at Ultima Lucha Tres, which is a long way away! In response, Catrina emerged from the darkness and accepted Ivelisse’s challenge! So with the season premiere less than halfway done,  a match for Ultima Lucha Tres was officially set!

Taya’s title opportunity against Sexy Star was next, and as we expected, Mundo and Company appeared and attempted to interfere on Taya’s behalf. However, Taya’s shot to Sexy Star accidentally struck Mundo, and that allowed Sexy to defeat Taya. The quartet all entered the ring and beat down Sexy Star, only for Trios Champions Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar to enter and run the fiendish foursome out of the ring.

We now shift back to Cueto’s office, where Marty The Moth stated that he wants to conquer the temple. Cueto was quick to remind Marty that Killshot had some unfinished business with him, mainly due to the fact that Marty is still in possession of Killshot’s dog tags. With that, a match was set for next week:  Marty The Moth vs Killshot in a Weapons of Mass Destruction Match. According to Cueto’s own words, Killshot will most likely get his dog tags back with a win.rey

The main event progressed, with Vampiro actually leaving during the match. As we all recall, Ultima Lucha Dos ended with Pentagon Dark beating his now former master to a bloody pulp, and during his battle against Rey Mysterio, Pentagon Dark stared down Vampiro, leading to Vampiro leaving the announce table. Despite getting the best of his former master, Pentagon Dark ended up defeated by Rey Mysterio, but the demonic warrior would attempt to break the arm of his opponent, like he has done to so many. Mysterio would be saved by Dragon dario-cueto-one-giant-keyAzteca Jr, one of Pentagon Dark’s many victims.vampiroprincepuma

The episode ended with Vampiro backstage with Prince Puma. As we all know, Prince Puma had the match of his career against Rey Mysterio, but he was defeated. Vampiro provided some advice to Puma regarding where he goes from that point, which leads myself and other viewers to believe that we could see them aligned together. Oh, and by the way, that really was the legendary Honky Tonk Man as the prison guard early in the episode.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown, and next week should mark the end of the rivalry between Killshot and Marty the Moth! Until then!

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