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5 NBA Bigtime Breakouts #4 Jabari Parker

After a shortened rookie season, Jabari came back for his sophomore season and showed some of his potential. He showed his great scoring ability and overall offensive prowess, just like he did in college. Coming off a torn ACL, you could see Jabari trying to get his legs back under him. As the season prolonged, Parker’s numbers improved tremendously…

Here are his season splits:img_1837.jpg


Pre All-Star: 11.3-1.4-4.7 on 48.8%

Post All-Star: 18.9-2.2-6.1 on 49.8%, 32.1% from three

Jabari and teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo, proved to be an up and coming force in the second half of the season. Could be a very dangerous pair in the near future.

For anyone who have watched Jabari play much, especially in college, knows that he has incredible offensive skill. He can score from just about anywhere inside the arc. He is also a very underrated passer for his size and can hold his own on defense as well. His strength has made the transition to the NBA much easier than for most young players.

The second half of the season is a much smaller sample size but he put up good scoring numbers. More importantly, were how efficient those numbers were for the majority of his games after the break. Coming off a healthy off-season, Jabari should be ready to jump right back into the flow and be one of the most improved players.

The Milwaukee Bucks are looked at by some as possibly making huge strides in the upcoming NBA season. That charge, if it happens, would ultimately be lead by our #4 Bigtime Breakout player, Jabari Parker.

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