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Smack Down was entertaining, if nothing else this evening. If you were expecting a big show before Backlash on Sunday, well you were left feeling disappointed tonight. However, the show itself kept your interest if you watched all the way through. For those that just saw part of the show or happened to turn it on accidentally, I don’t know how they could have stuck with it. Smack Down Live is becoming more and more a type of show that you have to invest in. That’s where the intrigue lies. If a viewer is channel surfing & sees a ridiculous segment with Fandango & a tattooed woman in her 50’s, the channel up button is probably getting pressed. But if you commit to watching Smack Down Live for 2 hours, you see some pretty cool stuff.  Like an Usos heel turn.


Usos Heel Turn

Not to say that this was overdue, but this was overdue.  American Alpha faced The Usos in the semifinals of the Smack Down Tag Team tournament tonight.

Their characters needed this refreshing change over a year ago. However, this leaves a unbalanced heel to babyface ratio of tag teams in Smack Down. Vaudevillians, Usos, Breezango, & Ascension are all heel tag teams.  That leaves only American Alpha, Hype Bros., Heath & Rhyno as babyface tag teams.  Speaking of Slater & Rhyno….


Heath & Rhyno vs Hype Bros.

In what continues to be a bizarre sideshow, Heath Slater & Rhyno defeated the Hype Bros. this evening.  The win secured their place at Backlash, against the now injured American Alpha, for a match to crown the inaugural Smack Down Live Tag Team Champions.  A win would also grant Heath Slater a Smack Down Live contract, a side story that has permeated both Raw & Smack Down over the last month & a half. Heath has had a more prevalent role on Smack Down over the last few weeks, being involved in the tag team tournament.  This evening, Heath brought his “kids” to the show….


Good lord.  People actually chanting, “Get her a tongue!”


Women’s Championship

This could be a surprisingly good match at Backlash.  4 veterans & 2 rookies will vie for the inaugural Smack Down Live Women’s Championship on Sunday.

While the build for this match leaves something to be desired, the talent in the ring is undeniable. Here’s 2 examples of both sides of that statement. First we have the beginning of tonight’s show, where all 6 women were announced to be in a tag match later….


But once the match started, most of that nonsense would be forgotten & the result was one of the best matches this evening.


Becky Lynch has to win this on Sunday. She was Smack Down’s top female draft pick.  She has been backburnered since her debut last year.  It’s her time to shine.

Intercontinental Title

The Miz was told that if he did not defend his title against Dolph Ziggler on Sunday, he would be forced to vacate it. They should have a great match at Backlash, with Miz remaining Intercontinental Champion. He defeated Apollo Crews tonight, in a Summer Slam rematch, but the ending scene of this segment was hysterical. Miz appeared too cowardly to retrieve his title belt, inside the ring, from Dolph Ziggler.  So Miz sent his wife, Maryse, in to the ring to retrieve it.




Lastly, we saw a preview toward the main event on Sunday. A.J. Styles versus Dean Ambrose. Not a particularly good build for their match.  A.J. has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the build of this match.  I almost feel bad for him, with it being fairly obvious that Ambrose retains on Sunday.  This feud just seems like a distraction in time from the next Styles/Cena clash. Hopefully I’m wrong.


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