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Analyzing & Predicting The Packers Schedule

Predicting NFL games on paper is a challenge but for fun I am going to take a look at the Packer’s upcoming schedule for the season and briefly analyze and predict each game.AaronRodgersJordyNelson

Week 1: At Jacksonville September 11th – Week 1 is on the road in Jacksonville, from a Packer perspective this game should mark the long awaited return of Jordy Nelson who missed all of last season with an ACL injury. The Jags are improving, but if the Packers can handle the heat and humidity on this one, and that factors to be in the 80’s to 90’s, the Packers should be opening week winners. 1-0

Week 2: At Minnesota September 18th – The Packers are one of the unlucky few teams in the NFL who open with back to back road games. And this one is not any old road game but rather a trip to see the division champion Vikings. Who just so happen to be opening a new stadium on this night so the place will be up for grabs all night. Since I began preparing this the Vikings starting QB has been ruled out for the season leading me to push this one to the Win column as the Packers will have an advantage at QB. 2-0

Week 3: Lions September 25th – Finally the Packers get their home opener. Prior to last year the Lions last won in the state of Wisconsin in 1979. That’s 37 years ago or almost a decade before I was born. I do not see the Packers dropping the home opener. Just don’t see that happening. 3-0

Week 4: Bye – It is the earliest week a team can have a bye. Just my view here but too early to the liking of many in Packer locker room. Both players and coaches.

Week 5: Giants October 9th – Aaron Rodgers against his old quarterback coach who is now the Giants head coach in Ben McAdoo. Packers win this on NBC on Sunday Night Football. 4-0BenMcAdooSlapFace

Week 6: Dallas October 16th – this will mark the sixth time in the last eight seasons that the Packers have played the Cowboys counting the playoffs. Matt Cassel was the QB for last year’s installment. Tony Romo, who is from Wisconsin, figures to QB the Cowboys this time around if he is healthy. Romo suffered a back injury in the preseason and he will likely not be ready to play this game. I like the Packers to defend home again. 5-0.

Week 7: Chicago October 20th – in what is the most unbalanced schedule I have seen in all my years as a Packer fan in relationship to when the home games and road fall, the Packers will play their fourth consecutive home game. The Packers will be on the Sunday Thursday turnaround for this one but they don’t have to travel in between and you have to think that the Packers give a better performance then they gave against the Bears at home last season. 6-0

Week 8: at Atlanta Sunday October 30th – first road game in over a month. The Packers have won 4 in a row over Atlanta including in the divisional round of the playoffs several years ago. I think the Packers struggle with this one. Not sure why but I think this one is a loss. 6-1

Week 9: Indianapolis Sunday November 6th – Points could be coming free and easy in this one. Andrew Luck against Aaron Rodgers with plenty of weapons offensively to support each one. This one has the makings of a shoot-out. The Packers need it and will find a way to get it. This is a big one because of what comes after it. 7-1LuckRodgers

Week 10: at Titans Sunday November 13th – First of three consecutive road games. Luckily for cheese head fans two of those three games are against teams who are not predicted to be particularly good. This is a W. 8-1.

Week 11: at Redskins Sunday November 20th – A rematch of last year’s wild card playoff game that was won by the Packers. As we approach the back half of November the Packers may need to take the offense from the air to the ground on the majority due to bad weather. Here forward is where Eddie Lacy becomes a difference maker and a key to the Packers success. I do not think Washington has the fire power to keep up. 9-1

Week 12: at Eagles Monday November 28th – The Packers only appearance on Monday night football for the season. Big advantage for the Packers in this one in quality of QB regardless of who is running the Eagles offense by this point. Packers beat their former back-up QB who is now the Eagles head coach. 10-1

Week 13: Houston December 4th – The schedule on this one worries me almost as much as JJ Watt and Texans. The Packers will be returning home following three consecutive road games and will be going into this one on a short recovery and prep week. That being said I still like the Packers here. The Texans are indoor and warm weather team that is used to playing in a controlled climate. The weather in Green Bay at this point is going to be anything but warm and controlled. Packers have to dig deep but figure out a way to get 11-1 by beating an improved Texans team.PackersSeahawks

Week 14: Seattle December 11th – Another installment of what has developed into one of the NFC’s strongest rivalries. This game could get turned into a Sunday night game depending on where things stand. You got to figure that there will be a lot on the line for this one. Also it would be a solid bet to figure we might be redoing this exact match-up about a month later in the playoffs. Seahawks win a tight one. 11-2.

Week 15: at Chicago December 18th – The season closes with three consecutive games inside the division. I expect the Bears will be improved. There are no secrets or tricks when these two get together since they have met well over 100 times. Packers find a way to win over their long-time rivals.  12-2.

Week 16: Vikings December 24th – Last season the Packers lost all three divisional home games. Rest assured that little fact has been kept in front of the players throughout the off season and training camp. That won’t repeat itself either. 13-2.

Week 17: at Lions January 1st – Back to the site of the first Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary but one is not needed here. If everything goes as I predicted it, the only remaining suspense in this game Aaron Rodgers spends the entire game with his helmet on and under center. The Packers will likely have clinched all there is to clinch here ahead of time. 14-2.

Wrap up: Predicting a schedule before it starts is no easy task but if the Packers stay healthy I could see this or a similar record being accurate. The biggest challenge of the schedule is dealing with the unbalanced flow to it. On paper, the Packers are the most talented team in the division by a fairly wide margin and one of if not the best team in the NFC. Luckily we start going from paper to the field on Sunday. As the season closes in I will give you the ten most important Packers to a successful season in my next post prior to the first game.

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