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Pick Six: Week 1

Week one is here and so is the first “Pick Six” of the regular season! If you are unfamiliar with this article, I will be asking for fantasy questions on Twitter @FantasyFlurry with the hashtag #AskFLURRY. I will be choosing six of the best questions to answer right here each week to help you win your league! Please share this article so we can continue to get as many questions as possible, and we can grow our fantasy sports community!


1) James | @J16James

Q: Who will be the Ravens’ starter week one: Terrance West or Javorius Allen?


A: Well, this was a pretty simple question for me when I first received it. Now as I write this on Monday morning, it is likely Justin Forsett will be back with the Ravens soon, and will have a “significant role” during their first game. Many are freaking out and saying Forsett is the only guy to own, he’s the clear starter, blah blah blah. Let’s not forget, he looked BAD in the preseason. Terrance West is the most talented of the three, and he has looked to be the best too. He would be the guy I want to own, and I believe he will be the starter if the Ravens are smart, but now it gets more complicated. If we are thinking about a Ravens RB for the season, I want rookie Kenneth Dixon. I wouldn’t expect him back until about week four (sprained knee), but I believe he will become the lead back before the end of the season. Quick note to the Javorius Allen promoters: If Allen is so great, the Ravens would not have drafted the best pass-catching RB in his draft class.


2) The Sports Hound | @TheSportsHound

Q: How does the addition of Sam Bradford affect the Vikings’ guys?

A: I think it will help them across the board. You can say a lot of thing about Sam Bradford, but I do believe he is a better passer than Teddy Bridgewater. Once he learns the offense and gets on the same page with his pass-catchers, it’ll add a new dimension to the offense. Diggs, Treadwell, and Rudolph will get a slight boost. The opposing defenses will then have to start respecting the pass more, and it will open things up in the box for Adrian Peterson to work.


3) Joe Blacko | @CoolBlkPanther

Q: How do you feel about Matt Jones and Jeremy Langford?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

A: Although I am not a huge fan of Jeremy Langford, I feel the hate on him has gone too far. It will be a slight timeshare in Chicago to start, but I think it’s pretty clear he will be given the majority of the touches. The Bears offensive line has improved a ton from last season (especially with the addition of Josh Sitton), and he should take advantage. I do believe he will slowly lose touches to rookie Jordan Howard throughout the season, but since coach John Fox hates trusting rookies, it will likely be a long process. Matt Jones is an incredibly skilled guy, but he needs to stay on the field. That is what I am most nervous about. If he stays healthy and doesn’t put the ball on the ground, I think he could be a good flex option. Another name to know in Washington is Robert Kelley. He would likely benefit the most from a struggling or injured Jones.


4) Chief Keith | @MarcusPeters22

Q: Should I start Brandin Cooks or Donte Moncrief week one?

A: Start Brandin Cooks. He is Bress’ favorite target facing a Oakland defense who appeared to struggle during the preseason. We need to see the Luck/Moncrief connection this season before we get too crazy.


5) Jody Cavness | @jbcavness

Q: If I’ve got OBJ and Sterling Shepard, is Shepard worth a start if I can start 4 WRs?


A: Yes! Rueben Randle finished as WR29 last season as the #2 to OBJ, and he is not a great receiver. Shepard is an incredibly talented rookie that is among the favorites to win rookie of the year. You can start him and feel good about it.


6) Marcus Splawn | @splawny11

Q: David Johnson or Adrian Peterson in 0.5 PPR?

A: Obviously this is for a draft or a trade, because if you’re able to start both of these guys, you’d do it. That being said, I would choose Peterson. Your #1 pick has to be a winner. If you screw up that pick, it will be incredibly tough to win your league. It’s possible, just tough. David Johnson was one of the best RBs once he was given the starting role, but there is always the risk of a sophomore slump. Peterson has to be the safest RB pick this year yet again, and as explained above, I think the addition of Sam Bradford will actually help him.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions this week, and sorry if yours didn’t get picked! Make sure to send me more questions on Twitter this week to get make it in the next “Pick Six” and get answers/advice to help you win your fantasy championship and #ConquerTheCrown!

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