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OTOGH: Rangers bats on fire


Greene’s hill has gotten a lot of action during the 10 game homestand by the Rangers. The Rangers have hit an amazing 16 home runs during the last 8 games. The most home runs have come from Rougned Odor with an impressive 5 home run during the homestand. Also the newest Ranger has made his presence known, it seems all Carlos Gomez needed was a Ranger uniform. He has been impressive not only on the field but has already hit 2 home runs since being called up on August 25 and one of the home runs was a GRAND SLAM!

During Wednesday’s game against the Seattle Mariners the Rangers not only had an impressive score of 14 to 1 but they hit the home run cycle.

Ryan Rua hit a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th

Odor and Beltre both hit 2 run shots Beltre in the 5th and Odor in the 7th

Odor does it again with a three run shot in the 8th

and as mentioned above Carlos Gomez hit a Grand slam in the 4th to complete the home run cycle.

Well the bats are in order and on fire. How is the Ranger pitching? Derek Holland is saying “What DL?” There has been no stopping Holland. Dutch oven has been cooking the competition having nearly carbon copy starts for both the Reds and the Indians  going 6.0 innings giving up 4 hits and 1 earned run with 5 strike outs. The starters have been impressive; Cole Hamels, Yu Darvish, and Derek Holland, have kept the Rangers a dominant force in the division.

Colby Lewis is coming back and soon, he has one more rehab start and then will join the team in Seattle. The Rangers thinking is during the last two rehab starts they have been slowing increasing the pitch count and would like Colby to pitch about 75 pitches.

ColbyLewisCenterWhat happens to the starting rotation when Lewis comes back?

The rumor mill is talk that A.J. Griffin will be the odd man out making the rotation. Hamels, Darvish, Holland, Lucas Harrell and Martin Perez.

If I had to choose I choose Perez as the odd man out. I am going to test your Ranger knowledge. Remember Kevin Brown? Oh yeah Perez has the same issues. Visibly arguing with his catcher during the Rays series and with a comfortable lead was visibly shaking when Odor got an error during the Mariners series and during the series with the Indians, Perez gave up six earned runs. We have not seen any of that with A.J. Griffin, who has been extremely focused and in my mind has cemented a place in the rotation.


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