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Into the Cardinals Nest: Will the Return of Matt Adams Help the Cards?


The Cardinals are in a back and forth race for the 2nd wildcard spot. They are in constant danger of losing that spot to the Pirates or Mets. With the season approaching its’ end after they have suffered through some tough losses and injuries, the Cardinals could stand for some good news to come their way in a hurry. The good news for them is that some much-needed help is on the way for the Cardinals thanks to the return of Matt Adams.

mattadamsThis news couldn’t come at a better time for the Cardinals. Matt Adams has come back from the disabled list as of Friday and he can give the Cardinals offense a big boost heading into the last games of the season. Prior to his shoulder injury, he managed to get thirty runs on 63 hits. He is a power hitter with twelve home runs to his credit and he also has 44 RBI’s in 2016. Matt Adams has had many struggles at the plate and it is understandable why some fans might balk at the idea of Adams being in the lineup. However, keep in mind that Matt Adams is the same man who helped the Cardinals get past the Dodgers in the 2014 NLDS with a 3 run home run even while he was struggling to get big hits that year as well. He proved that sometimes players you do not expect to come through can do so when you least expect it.

The return of Matt Adams can help the Cards thrive if he can rediscover the power that he has in his bat after being gone for a while. He will also need to play some solid defense at first base too. The Cardinals defense has been sorely lacking all season. While some of that is the fault of the pitchers for not keeping the ball down, it is more of a lack of fundamentally sound defending that haunts the 2016 Cards. Sometimes, a returning player can help get the defense back in gear. He has struggled with 7 errors in 2016 but if he can trim that number down and get more chances to shine, he can help the team and its’ playoff chances in a big way.

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Time will tell if the return of Matt Adams will help the team get past the wild card game and beyond but the Cardinals just have to make sure that they play their best baseball yet going in to the homestretch, especially if they want to defeat the Cubs and have a year like they did in  2011 when they won the World Series. Having Matt Adams come back for these last  games is a step in the right direction. Now, they just need to string some wins together and prove that the 2016 Cardinals are not a team to underestimate.

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