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NXT Weekly: Era of Strong-Style Begins

Shinsuke-Nakamura-NXT-ChampionTwo weeks after Shinsuke Nakamura became champion, the King of Strong Style ushered in his new era, with Samoa Joe out of action for the time being with an injury. With the former champ down, Nakamura sits alone on top of the mountain with no immediate threat to his crown. The rest of this week’s show was great and looked to plant the seeds for future feuds and move towards many great matches, especially a tag-team championship rematch featuring the revival and Ciampa and Gargano. With Gargano out of commission for the time being, Ciampa was ambushed by the champs, making great strides for an epic rematch. This show overall was awesome and made it fun to watch as NXT builds towards a new future.

  • Tye Dillinger Def. Blake MurphyTyeDillenger


This match had an obvious outcome, but still was pretty entertaining. Tye Dillinger is coming back into his own, and this week took over late in-match against Murphy, who did well in selling his heel role. It’s good to see Dillinger pick up momentum, and I’d really like to see him get a bonafide feud soon.

  • Steve Cutler Def. Kenneth CrawfordCrawfordNXT


    This match was a talent exposition in many ways. Both competitors stepped onto the scene looking sharp in showcasing their individual styles. Crawford is oozing athleticism, and he could put on a high-octane match with anyone right now. Meanwhile, Cutler did well selling his heel persona, and used his quick cunning to pick up the win and some momentum in the early stages of his career. The future looks bright for both of these competitors as they develop.

  • No Way Jose Def. Angelo DawkinsNoWayJose


Is it just me, or does every show just get better when No Way Jose makes his way into the ring. He is just a blast to watch! His in-ring talent is obvious and improves with every match, while his energy is undeniable. Tonight served as a rematch for the party animal, as he squared off with Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins is one talent who is kind of stuck in no man’s land. He is talented and starting to make strides in his persona, but I’m not sure if anything major lies ahead for him. Tonight’s match was fairly one sided as Jose rolled over Dawkins and partied on his way out. Cha Cha Cha!

  • Liv Morgan Def. AliyahLivMorganNXT


    The last match of the night had as much implications for the future of NXT as any. With Bayley off to the main roster, a spot is open for Asuka’s next victim, uh, I mean challenger. And with that role open every NXT woman is looking to step up. This week it was Liv Morgan who shined in the spotlight. Morgan just fed off the crowd and seemed to explode in the ring, looking crazy athletic and very savvy in the ring. Aliyah also looked as good as she ever has, selling well and trading moves with Morgan. The biggest separation between these two tonight was the charisma and character of Liv Morgan, which just seemed more polished and well-delivered. I can’t wait to see what is next for Liv Morgan and the rest of NXT as the plot thickens towards the next TakeOver.

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