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Monday Night Raw is live from the Toyota Center in Houston Texas.RawSegment82916

We start off with Corey Graves and the 4 superstars who will be competing for the WWE Universal Championship. Seth Rollins, Big Cass, Kevin Owens, Romans Reigns. And the segment ends like they all do when multiple superstars in the ring, a mayley with the guy who is not winning left standing in the ring. This time it is Roman Reigns.

Chris Jericho vs Nevile

Tonight we are going to get the gift of Jericho…..drink it in man! The question is, can Jericho help sell us on the fact that Nevile is ready to take the next step. Nevile controls the early going of the match while Jericho takes a break to stir up the crowd. The match was dominated by Nevile but was one by Jericho. I hope this is another great rivalry that involves Chris Jericho. He could make a star out of Nevile.

A great backstage segment with Bayley New Day and Dana Brooke.

Nia Jax vs Ion

Short, sweet, squash.

Jinder Mahal vs Sami Zayn

First, I can’t believe Zayn is wrestling tonight with the ankle injury he sustained last week. The theme of the night remains the same as a superstar dominates the match while a 30 second spirt at the end gives the other superstar the win. In this case Mahal dominated the match then Zayn gets the win.

A stupid interview between Lita and Sasha Banks where she blamed everything on Charlotte. Which I think made her look weak. Take some of the blame herself.BaileyNewDay

The New Day and Bayley vs Gallows and Anderson and Dana Brooke

It was smart writing to put these two fan favorites. The New Day has been watching old Hardy’s matches as Kofi launched himself off the back of Big E. That is the way tag team wrestling is suppose to be. A great build up to the “hot tag” for Bayley, then a moment when we all thought Dana was going to steal one only seconds later to be on the receiving end of a Bayley to belly.

Sheamus vs Cesaro in their 2nd match of their best of 7 series

I am already bored with this series. There is no story here. Just two wrestlers having matches against each other. The ending of the match looked nasty and unplanned as Cesaro was back body dropped into the ring post from the outside. Sheamus put him back in the ring and locked in the Texas cloverleaf for the immediate submission.

Another squash by Braun Stroman

HeymanStephanieStephanie McMahon calls out Paul Heyman

And the first shot has been fired between Stephanie and Shane McMahon by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. This will be interesting where this goes.

Titus O’Neil vs Darrin Young

Titus continues his heal turn, even though he lost the match he dominated the entire match. There was a huge moment when Young was propelled over the top rope and to the outside and even crashed into a camera man and knocked the lens off the camera. The theme of the night continues. Can they not write a different ending to these matches?

WWE Universal Championship Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

I hope this match delivers, because the rest of this night has not been good. Kevin Owens immediately just hangs outside the ring in typical KO style. Big Cass did a pretty good job in his first big singles match. He impressed me knowing the fact that he has been a Raw ring for such a short time, especially compared to the other superstars in the ring with him. But, as he should be, he was the first superstar eliminated. A great spot where Rollins went for the flying knee and Reigns caught him with a superman punch beautifully in mid air. The match progresses to where Owens is outside the ring on the side furthest away from the main camera, Reigns spears Rollins on the right hand side of the ring opposite the ramp. When all the sudden HHH comes to the ring and pedigrees Reigns throws him back into the ring, and wakes Rollins so he can get the pin. But HHH is not done, he then rolls Owens back into the ring as well to feed the carcus to the lion Seth Rollins. Then he turns on Rollins and pedigrees him and leaves him lay for a shocked Owens to get the pin and become the NEW Universal Champion! Whoever thought of this ending should get a raise! This was excellent. And the best part about it was it leaves more questions than answers. Did Foley and or Stephanie know? Did KO know? Why did HHH turn on Rollins? Why did he choose KO? The one answer we have is that The Prize Fighter Kevin Owens is the NEW Universal Champion!HHHOwens

Best Match- Universal Championship Match

Best on the Mic- Paul Heyman

Biggest Crown Pop- Enzo and Big Cass






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