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Alright, I’m Piling On, The Diamondbacks Are Awful!

I had an article all ready to go that was not exactly praising the Diamondbacks organization and their front office, but considering what I have read lately, it was a step in the right direction. Then I read that Chip Hale announced that Shelby Miller was going to make a start this Wednesday, and I give up!


The Diamondbacks should have scheduled right-hander Shelby Miller for at least one more Triple-A start. Why is that such a big deal? It will leave the 25-year-old unable to accrue enough days on the active roster this year to reach four full years of MLB service.

Miller is currently sitting at 3.133 on his service clock. That means he would need to return to the major league roster by Thursday to reach 172 days and move from the 3+ to the 4+ arbitration class. All the Diamondbacks would have had to do was wait 2 more days. If the Diamondbacks would have done this they would have had an additional year of control of Miller before he became a free agent. Miller had been on track to qualify for free agency after the 2018 season. But the Diamondbacks would have controlled him for 2019 as well.

Arizona would have still needed to tender Miller an arbitration contract this fall to retain him, of course. Miller is earning $4.35 million this year, his first season of eligibility. He won’t command much of a raise given his struggles. Though he has performed much better in Triple-A over his 46 frames, Miller carries a 3.52 ERA but, more importantly, has recorded 10.0 K/9 against just 1.8 BB/9. I will take a guy who has and has shown the ability in the past to be a legitimate #2 or #3 starter for around $5 million next year and know the Diamondbacks have control over him for the next 4 seasons. The Diamondbacks already have a dominate #1 starter in Zach Greinke, who by the way made over $34 million dollars this season. They also have a young up and coming starter in Robbie Ray who is also under lengthy club control.

The Snakes demoted Miller to Triple-A as he scuffled through an abysmal campaign. He has lasted just 69 1/3 frames in 14 big league starts and has been tagged with a 7.14 ERA on the year. That’s far from what the team expected when it traded a talented trio of players to add him over the winter.ShelbyHillerTripleA

Diamondbacks chief baseball officer Tony La Russa said that the team’s handling of Miller was not tied to service time. “I don’t know if it’s true or not,” La Russa said of the calculation of service days.

And if by chance you are looking at Miller’s salary and saying that is too much to pay for a proven track record on a down year, let me give you some other salaries for this year. C.C. Sabathia made $23, 250,000 and is 8-11 with a 4.31 ERA. Matt Cain is 4-8 with a 5.81 ERA and will make $22,500,000 this year. Big Game James is 5-16 and has given up 176 hits in 149 innings but has taken $18,750,000 is salary. Those make Miller’s $4,350,000 salary seem like chicken feed.

But all of that was IF they did not bring Miller back up from Triple-A before Thursday. Since they are, I give up. Not only do I give up, I refuse to support stupid management decisions, so until something is done, I will not support this team.


Parts of this article were from an article from Nick Piecoro.

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