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Royally Yours: Week in Review

JarrodDysonCatchThe Royals had another impressive week. They started on the road against the Miami Marlins. They won the series and made some noteworthy plays. In their victory Thursday Jarrod Dyson made one of the best defensive plays of the year. In the bottom of the first inning he stole a home run from the Marlins Christian Yelich. It was a big play for the Royals and it helped them win the series.


Kansas City is still in third in the American League Central but they are starting to make up ground on the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. They are six games behind the Indians. Cleveland has struggled lately, only winning four of their last ten games. Detroit is one and a half games ahead of the Royals. Kansas City will have the opportunity to move into second when they play the Tigers this weekend.


The Royals hot streak has helped them move up in the wild card standings. They are three and a half games back and it is starting to look like they could make the playoffs this season. Their 7-19 record in July hurt their playoff chances but because of the Royals performance in August they are back in the playoff hunt. So far in August they have an 18-7 record, which is the best of any month this season.


Peter Moylan gave up the bullpen’s first earned run in 41 1/3 innings Friday. It was the longest streak in Royals history. It was a big part of what helped them get back in the playoff hunt. The Royals pitching has been questionable all season but it appears that they are starting to get hot at the right time. The bullpen’s performance will have a big impact on their playoff chances.


The Royals have only hit 114 home runs this season, which is the fewest in the American League. However, in the last six games the Royals have nine home runs, which is the eighth most in the American League. They will never be a power hitting offense but they are starting to improve. Driving in runs has been a problem for the Royals this season and the increase in home runs has helped them get back on track.


The Royals will play two important series at home this week. Their first series will be against the New York Yankees. The Royals and Yankees are tied in the wild card race and the loser of the series will fall behind in the standings. The weekend series will be against the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers are ahead of the Royals in the division and wild card standings. If the Royals win the series it will dramatically help their playoff chances. This week will have a big impact on the American League Central and wild card standings.

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