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Philadelphia 76ers: New Spotlight


If you haven’t seen the Sixers on any national stage, it shouldn’t be forgotten how rough of a road they have had in the last few seasons. Although a 4 year playoff hiatus can be seen as normal, they sure didn’t see it coming the after effects of the Andrew Bynum failure, Michael Carter-Williams being traded unexpectedly, or Joel Embiid sitting out for 2 full seasons while stocking up on Centers. In high regards though, they did draft Ben Simmons out of LSU who may not come out of the gate a prime superstar, but indeed a great talent to come with time.

Photo by: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Enter in the Sixers getting a shot at displaying themselves on the national stage again! The league awarded 3 nationally televised games to this organization on the turn around, but is it worth the look?


1.Oct. 26th vs OKC on ESPN

This is a home game, and a shot for Ben Simmons to show everyone what he’s made of. This will give others a shot to see as well what Russell Westbrook can do without Durant on a national stage.

2.Nov. 17th @ Minnesota on ESPN


Kris Dunn

This is a good look at the Kris Dunn draft pick for the T-Wolves, and gives us a chance to see the Big East Defensive Player of The Year. We sort of saw the same thing with “Wiggins vs. Parker” in the past if you can remember. It wasn’t a duel that came down to the death (and neither will this one), but it will be fun to watch if both men are performing well.

3.Dec. 16th vs L.A. Lakers on ESPN


Brandon Ingram

#1 vs. #2. Basically. Of all the talk about these 2 coming out of college early, now we will see what all the fuss is about. People said one can’t shoot well, the other needs to work on defense, well now we’ll see what a summer of work, and what a few months in the “grown mans” league can do to a pair of unique rookies.

The league has certainly done a good job not turning it’s back on this organization for going through a drought. “The Process” is near it’s completion, draft picks well utilized, now, it’s time to get things back on track.

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