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3 Impacts From Impact

So much mayhem occurred on Impact last night, but what were the biggest moments from the evening? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Allie is the new Knockouts Champion. I’m going to repeat that, because it bears repeating. Allie…is the new Knockouts Champion. TNA President Billy Corgan announced that Sienna would defend her Knockouts Championship against multiple opponents, and the opponents were Marti Bell, Jade, Madison Rayne (who is back to being a babyface after her cup of coffee heel run), and Allie, the harried and abused assistant to Maria Kanellis. A lot of mayhem occurred in the five-way match, and Allie was at the center of it, as a tug-of-war with Marti regarding the baton led to Allie accidentally taking Sienna out. Marti later retrieved the baton and struck Allie, who ended up falling on top of Madison Rayne. Three seconds later, Allie won the Knockouts Championship, and she didn’t even know it until she saw the belt. Maria was shocked that Sienna lost, even more shocked that Allie won. I’ve said for a long time, that gimmick she has now is beneath her; Allie, aka Cherry Bomb, is a phenomenal wrestler. We will see evidence of that in two weeks at Women Superstars Uncensored’s Resurgence 2 IPPV on September 10.

Drew Galloway had enough last night and turned to the dark side, and though it was a long time coming, it still feels shocking. Drew finally faced off one-on-one against Ethan Carter III in a grudge match for EC3’s spot at Bound For Glory, with Drew demanding this match due to being upset of EC3’s inadvertent botched attempts to help Drew actually costing him shots at the World Title. The match was officiated by Aron Rex, and I was afraid that he would be the one to cause a stir. Instead, Rex officiated the match fair and square and in the end, EC3 was victorious. Rex extended his hand to Drew in a show of respect, but Drew responded with a headbutt to Rex, followed by a brutal assault to the TNA newcomer. So we should expect Drew vs Rex at BFG on October 2.

Things may break down between Mike Bennet and Moose, after the former eliminated the latter and Eddie Edwards to win the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal. Needless to say, Moose was fit to be tied, while Bennett looking towards next week, which is when his title shot will come. I really hope this thing between Bennett and Moose does end, so we can see them face each other at Bound For Glory. I could definitely see Moose costing Bennett next week, most likely inadvertent, but even an inadvertent miscue could lead to dissension between the two. Seeing as the next Impact will be the first in the month of September, that leaves just enough time to build on a match between Bennett and Moose.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, Lashley vs Bennett for the World Title! Until then!

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