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OTOGH: Yu says Goodbye and I say Hello.


I could tell you that Yu Darvish hit a 410 home run, His first ever in his professional career, American or Japanese. I could tell you all that. I could tell you that the last pitcher to hit a home run was Bobby Witt in 1997.  But, I know you want to see the video.

Sometimes there are no words, expect Good Bye, and the next at bat Ian Desmond hit his own home run. The Rangers won the game 6-5 and split the series with the Reds.

DerreckHollandinCincinnatiI say hello to Derek Holland who is coming back from severe shoulder inflammation. He did great in his home state of Ohio,  He was commanding his pitches and worked well for the first time with Jonathan Lucroy. Holland went 6.0 IP and had 4 Hits only 1 earned run and 5 strikeouts, and while the Rangers could not provide the run support for Derek to get a win it was a great outing and shows that Derek is ready to say hello to baseball again.

I should add please don’t use the Reds series to judge the Ranger performance for the upcoming games and playoffs, The Reds are a very weird team, one minute they will be the best team in baseball which we say some of that during the Derek Holland’s outing and sometimes they are the worst team which we did not get to see but the Dodgers did right before the Rangers got there when the Reds lost 18 to 9 to the Dodgers. The big test will be when we play Seattle after the Cleveland series.

I now say hello to Josh Hamilton, I know you are confused, The Rangers released  Josh Hamilton. Yes, they did and they didn’t. This is baseball and sometimes there are complicated moves that need to be made. According to They way it works is, if they release a player before Septemeber 1 then they can resign him to a minor league contract and put him in the majors before May 15, but if they do it after September 1 then they can not bring him up to the majors until AFTER May 15.JoshHamiltonMinors

Rangers GM Jon Daniels talks about this.

“We’ve talked about the possibility with him,He understands what the move means and why we did it. I don’t know how it will play out, but he’s got family and community reasons to be here. There is a mutual desire if things continue to check out to continue the relationship.”

Josh will be cleared to play baseball in December and while, there is a possibility of another team or teams going after Josh I seriously doubt he would leave. To all my Josh fans out there dry your eyes, he is going to say hello again.


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