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Summer Slam has come & gone.  Randy Orton is 2 staples short of a dozen in his head, thanks to Brock Lesnar.  John Cena usually leaves everything in the ring during his matches. On Sunday, he only left his armband.  The Miz retained his Intercontinental Title, as well as Dean Ambrose retained his WWE World Championship.  However, tonight’s show began with a major announcement:  The addition of 2 additional championships for Smack Down!

More Belts…..

Shane & Daniel presented, to a ring full of competitors, Smack Down’s new Tage Team Titles & Women’s Championship.

We now know that Smack Down’s upcoming special, “Backlash”, will feature title matches for these newly created championships. The Women’s title will be decided in a “6 pack Challenge” featuring Natalya, Nikki Bella, Carmella, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, & Becky Lynch. As for the tag teams, a tournament would begin tonight & ultimately culminate at Backlash, as a championship match for the last 2 teams. That tournament includes American Alpha, Ascension, Breezango, Vaudevillians, Usos, & Hype Bros. Heath Slater & Rhyno were late additions as well as a mystery team that both will face next week.



So far, American Alpha & Usos have prevailed in their preliminary matches.  Next week, we’ll find out who those teams will face next. But the women just couldn’t wait to fight each other!  The first match following the new title segment was Becky Lynch versus Alexa Bliss. Both VERY underrated wrestlers, these two competitors had a great match…

Becky seems to be the favorite heading into this “6 pack Challenge” only somewhat rivaled by the return of Nikki Bella. What a coup for Smack Down to land Nikki Bella! Sure it’s disappointing that Bayley ended up on Raw, but the former longest reigning Divas champion adds instant credibility to the Women’s division on Smack Down. Nikki was set to face Carmella tonight, but Carmella didn’t feel like having a match tonight….

This was a perfect time to turn Carmella heel.  Since her arrival on the main roster Carmella has received little, if any, response from fans.  With the good vibes of Nikki’s return from neck surgery, a dastardly attack by Carmella elicited boos from many & cheers from some.  Exactly what had to be done with her character. The next changes for her should include darkened hair & a wardrobe change.  She needs to shed the lasting image of her involvement with Enzo & Cass at NXT to make this turn work. Time to get rid of the leopard print & adopt an image of her own.


The New “Face That Runs The Place”

A.J. Styles is similar to the Great Bambino, Babe Ruth. They both called their shot & did it front of Brooklyn crowds. Styles professed that he would beat John Cena at Summer Slam & he did. A.J. was still feeling pretty good about it as Smack Down went live this evening. He proclaimed himself as the “New Face That Runs The Place” to a crowded locker room. Styles then began to antagonize & tease Dolph Ziggler for losing to Dean Ambrose on Sunday.  Ziggler would head butt Styles & then later attack A.J. during the new championships’ segment.  Later, A.J. would reappear to brag about his victory over Cena. Dolph again arrives, but Daniel Bryan followed. Bryan created a match between both men, with an interesting stipulation:

Say what you want about the roster size that Raw has on Monday nights, but these rivalries on Smack Down have been executed well & effectively. Smack Down is getting the most out of its superstars & the so-called “B show” is far more interesting than Raw. Styles & Ziggler had a very good match as Dean Ambrose watched them from ringside:

So the WWE World Championship match is set for Backlash, A.J. Styles versus Dean Ambrose.  Personally, I think that Dean has received enough validation as WWE Champion over the last few months.  It’s time.  A.J. Styles was brought to WWE to become champion.  He’s proclaiming himself as the “New Face That Runs The Place”. Don’t make him look silly, make him look right.


Bray Wyatt interrupted Randy Orton, only to disappear less than two minutes later. Shane McMahon confirmed an earlier report that his sister, Stephanie, fined Brock Lesnar $500 for his vicious attack on Randy Orton. Apparently that was the severe repercussion that she promised for Lesnar.

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