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We start the show with the somber news that Finn Balor has a torn labrum and is forced to give up his newly won Universal Championship less than 24 hours after winning it at SummerSlam. The WWE and Baylor showed some class in letting Balor relinquish the title in the ring, and Balor by even thanking Seth Rollins. BalorGivesBackTheTitle

Out comes Sami Zayn then Chris Jericho, followed by Kevin Owens, and then Enzo and Cass? But wait, we are not done, Roman Reigns enters the ring as well. All we are told as the segment ends is that there will be a series of matches that will culminate next week in Houston, and Rollins vs Sami Zayn starts now.

Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins

RollinsZaynFirst of all, Sami has no business even being in a tournament for the Universal Title. He is only there to loose to Rollins. He did do an amazing more moonsault off the barricade. Then, after an obvious injury he still when airborne over the top rope and took out Rollins on the floor. Then, he did a great flip over power bomb from the top rope and really gutted out a good match basically on one leg. I have a new found respect for Sami Zayn with what he did in the ring tonight.

Kevin Owens vs Neville

nevilleOwensNeville is a stretch as to should he be in this this tournament. I will give him an edge over Zayn and will say that his upper body looks better and more like a Champion since he came back from his ankle injury. His 450 splash from the apron to Owens on the floor was very impressive. Neville showed several different moves that took a ton of strength. This match did a great job of showing off the talent of Neville while still having the result we all knew would happen, especially after Jericho showed up at ringside.

The New Day come out to celebrate their 365 rein as Tag Team Champions when they are interrupted by Anderson and Gallows and then it is revealed that Big E is going to wrestle Carl Anderson.

Anderson vs Big E

A very short match where Anderson focused on the left knee of Big E to no avail where Big E gets the win with the Big Ending.

We come back from the commercial break with Titus O’Neil in the ring. Fumbling over his words. He never stopped, but he misspoke at least 4 times in a 5 minute period. He calls out Darrin Young, but Bob Backland came out and took a beating until Darrin come out to shield him, and got a Clash of the Titus for his trouble.

Stephanie McMahhon in a short and sweet interview said that Brock Lesnar crossed the line and there would be repercussions.

Bigg Cass vs Rusev

Once again, this is a match where Big Cass has the ability to wrestle for the Universal Championship after only a handful of matches in WWE. The match actually ends with Rusev taking a count out and Big Cass being the winner of the match. I guess they need someone to take the pin in the fatal four way next week.

WWE-Bayley-Raw-CharlotteCharlotte and Dana Brooke make their way to the ring. Charlotte congratulated herself for 5 minutes. Then she is interrupted by General Manager Mick who makes two announcements. One, Sasha when she returns will get a rematch and second Raw has signed the newest women’s free agent and it is none other than Bayley! She sealed the deal with a hug. Then she challenged Charlotte for the Women Championship. And Charlotte told her to get in line to challenge the best (which is what I think should happen with ALL of the New Era) which leads to a match between Bayley and Dana Brooke.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Not a bad match between these women. I hope they give Dana Brooke a real shot at Charlotte before they give one to Bayley. I like Bayley but they promoted Dana first, and she should turn on Charlotte and get the title shot first even if she dosen’t take the title. But this match ends with a Bailey to Belly for the pin.DudleyGoodbye

Another squash match for Stroman.

The Dudley Boys make their way to the ring to retire as the Dudley Boys. Hopefully they are just going to split up and not actually call it a career. The Shinning Stars interrupt the Dudley Boys and get a 3-D and a What’s Up for their trouble. The crowd is really into this segment and they tell Devon to get the tables! They set up a table in the ring when they are interrupted by Anderson and Gallows who give Bubba Ray a magic killer on the floor and Devon a magic killer through the table that was set up in the ring. I don’t think the Dudleys are going JerichoReignsanywhere.

Chris Jericho vs Roman Reigns

The crowd still hates Roman Reigns, and the boos are music to my ears. Jericho carried Reigns through this whole match. If you watch, Jericho talks to Reigns the entire match, well at least until he does multiple Superman punches and multiple tries to spear Jericho. Kevin Owens does come down to the ring to try and help like Jericho did for him earlier in the match. He does do a great superkick to Reigns behind the back of the ref. But to no avail as Reigns eventually wins with a spear that he finally hits.




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