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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Review

Oh mama, what a show! This year’s NXT TakeOver:Brooklyn II was fantastic. You can decide for yourself if it topped the original, but for me it did. The show just told so many great stories and featured a level of wrestling that can rival any past TakeOver show. I also want to mention I went four out of six on predictions, so no big deal, but boom! And honestly, I don’t have an issue with the outcome of any match in this whole show. Every wrestler tonight fought at a level higher than ever, and that can rarely be said for WWE in the NXT or main roster.


  1. Ember Moon def. Billie Kay

The outcome of this match was predictable in the debut of Ember Moon, but don’t let that fool ya. NXT didn’t want to show too much of the impressive arsenal of Moon, so Billie Kay actually looked impressive in dominating most of the match. Moon also looked phenomenal, finishing the match with a front-handspring splash and a top-rope diving stunner. I expect big things from Moon and even Kay in the near future.


  1. Austin Aries def. No Way Jose

no-way-jose-austin-aries-nxt-takeover-brooklynThis match was fantastic from start to finish, even after the finish too. No Way Jose looked as athletic as ever and used his high octane offense to prove he could duke it out with the best of them and fit right in. Austin Aries continues to impress as well, working well with Jose, as Aries landed the Last Chancery to pull out the win. When Aries wouldn’t let go, it was Hideo Itami who came to the ring and put Aries to sleep in dramatic fashion. The road ahead for Aries looks like it’s headed for a match with Itami, while I’m interested if Jose will continue to build momentum after this loss.


  1. Bobby Roode def. Almas

If you imagined Bobby Roode descending from the sky to start this match, you pictured exactly how this one started. The glorious one looked amazing in his debut, oozing charisma and looking sharp in the ring. Almas is one heck of an athlete, and his high-flying style is awesome to watch. Even though Almas went down to a Glorious Bomb in this one, I hope he’s given a good debut and direction in the future. Both guys should have great things ahead.BobbyRoodeEntrance


  1. NXT Tag Team Championships: The Revival(c) def. Ciampa/Gargano

This tag team showdown was an instant classic. In my pick for match of the night, it was electric to see Gargano and Ciampa get all the push from the crowd and eat up every second of it. When these guys do win, the roof is going to come off the building. However, this great showing went to the Revival, who once again put on a clinic in double team moves and classic heel wrestling. Rematch please NXT.BayleyAska


  1. NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka(c) def. Bayley

Bayley came to prove something against Asuka, and she just fell short. Not due to a lack of effort though, as Bayley looked like the underdog champ we know and love. The whole match was a great piece of storytelling between two wrestlers the crowd loves. Bayley showed that she has no amount of quit in her, while Asuka seemed unbeatable in this one. I like the outcome of this match because it acted as a passing of the torch in the NXT women’s division. Now is the time for Bayley to bring her hugs to the main roster and for Asuka to crush someone else’s dreams of beating her.


  1. NXT Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura def. Samoa Joe(c)

Who knew a violin could be so badass!? Shinsuke made his way to the ring accompanied by a fiddle wizard, and everything after that was just as awesome. Both men showed everything they had in this one. Shinsuke was his usual taunting self, egging on the champ at every turn, while Joe responded with ruthless aggression and an arsenal of submissions. The peak of this match and the whole of Brooklyn was the exchange of finishers between these two great, as first Nakamura kicked out of the muscle buster only to have Joe kick out of the running knee. But, after one more knee landed out of nowhere, Brooklyn erupted and a new champ was crowned. A fitting way to kick off a bright and exciting new era for NXT.ShinsukeisChampion

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