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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with the 29th annual SummerSlam event!

CharlotteDanaOn Raw, Charlotte was shown backstage letting Dana Brooke have it for not stepping up to the plate against Sasha Banks on the previous week. Later on, the self-professed “queen” defeated Alicia Fox, with Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on commentary. Once Sasha entered the ring, Dana Brooke attacked The BOSS, in an attempt to regain Charlotte’s favor. On SmackDown the next night, Eva Marie again no-showed her debut, which was supposed to be against Naomi. Later on, a tag team match pitting Alexa Bliss and Natalya against Becky Lynch and Carmella would see Eva Marie emerge, only to be chased by Naomi. Despite the distraction, Becky and Carmella emerged victorious.

NXT6WomenTagThree female debuts took place on Wednesday’s NXT, with two of them coming from Tough Enough. A six-woman tag team match served as the main event, with Daria Berenato and Mandy Rose making their debuts as Alexa Bliss’ partners against Carmella, Liv Morgan, and the debuting Nikki Glencross. Glencross is more commonly known to indy followers as Nikki Storm, and she competed in promotions such as SHIMMER, Queens of Combat, and Bellatrix before signing with WWE this year. Of course, Daria and Mandy are both from last year’s Tough Enough program, with Daria being the very first woman eliminated from the competition, while Mandy finished as the female runner-up to Sara Lee, and was later part of the cast of Total Divas. The heel side was defeated by the babyface triumvirate, but I loved seeing Glencross, Daria, and especially Mandy on NXT!

The Knockouts action on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling featured Gail Kim competing against Jade. However, that match would end with Sienna going after Gail and Jade, but because Gail was attacked first, she got the DQ win. Despite this, Maria says that Gail will never receive a Knockouts Championship opportunity. This has to be remedied!

Ember Moon

A huge weekend ended this spectacular week, beginning with NXT Takeover:  Back to Brooklyn. The event featured the debuting Ember Moon, as she went on to defeat Billie Kay. Now as a wrestling fan, I’ve seen vampire characters, I’ve seen zombies and demons. But this is the first time I’ve seen anything resembling a werewolf gimmick, and a female one at that. Ember Moon’s name and titantron played off the whole “blood moon” theme, and she displayed red eyes and a fierce hairstyle. The main attraction was the NXT Women’s Championship rematch between Asuka and Bayley, and in that highly anticipated bout, Asuka was successful in her defense of the title. The match basically marked Bayley’s NXT farewell, as she was shown hugging Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte, the other three Horsewomen, as we now anticipate Bayley’s main roster call-up.

At SummerSlam, in a shocker, the other anticipated title rematch saw Charlotte defeat Sasha Banks to regain the Women’s Championship, ending her reign at only 27 days. The clean title change was met with shock and dismay from many fans, who had been waiting for Sasha to get the title, only for her to lose it so quickly. As revealed online, Sasha dropped the title so she could take time off to recover from nagging injuries. There have been rumors of a Charlotte/Dana feud, and with Charlotte winning without Dana, I expect her to become even more arrogant than her character already is, leading to Dana rising against Charlotte. Either that, or Bayley could get that call-up and go after her.

Nikki Bella SummerSlam

From a current evil queen of the Women’s Division to a former one, Nikki Bella has returned! As we all found out, Eva Marie received a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy, one of two women suspended this week (Paige was the other), leaving a void in the three-on-three match. That void was filled by WWE’s longest reigning Divas Champion, who returned to action after ten months recuperating from neck surgery. With the huge comeback story, I and many others figured that Nikki would return as a babyface, but she did fill the void on the heel side, winning for her trio with a new finisher. Nikki last competed back in October 2015.

After Talking Smack aired this past Tuesday, WWE Network aired a special episode of WWE 24, which looked at the Women’s Revolution and how women’s wrestling in WWE had evolved over the years. I definitely recommend watching this. I did–twice. Once that Tuesday and once again on Saturday after Takeover. It is a wonderful and detailed telling of how women’s wrestling came a long way from the glory days, to the period of fluff matches and little time for the women, and to the current and ongoing revolution. It’s available on demand on the Network.

A new week begins tonight with the fallout from SummerSlam, as well as the fallout from Takeover! Until next week!

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