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Why Did Sasha Banks Loose Her Title at SummerSlam?

There are some nasty rumors going around the internet about WWE Superstar Sasha Banks because it was a shock to many wrestling fans that she lost her WWE Woman’s Title Sunday at SumerSlam. Now, I understand why the rumors are flying. Earlier this week the WWE suspended 3 different superstars for violations of their wellness policy. On Tuesday Alberto Del Rio and Paige were both suspended for 30 days by WWE. Then on Wednesday, even though the WWE knew she failed the wellness policy on Tuesday, the WWE suspended another superstar in the form of Eve Marie. So naturally, tons of people are also commenting that Sasha Banks will also be suspended for a wellness violation.SashaWithWomensTitleSashaBanks&KidMikaze


I can tell you that I have it on good information that she will not be suspended by WWE. In fact, the WWE is actually impressed with her performances over the last couple weeks as she has been fighting an injury and needs time to heal. WWE has even gone as far as to officially take her off the schedule of performers from now until the end of September.

She also recently got married to another WWE performer who is currently in NXT. Kid Mikaze is his name and part of Sasha’s time off could also be the fact that she wants to take a honeymoon.

We here at wish Sasha Banks a speedy recovery and we hope to see her in a ring sometime soon as healthy as possible.


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