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We currently have 4 excellent writers that cover wrestling for us here at One of them follows NXT for our fans, he is Jake Ausman and if you want his predictions on NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 you can read those right here but he will not be contributing to this particular article as we focus on SummerSlam. The other 3 writers are myself, Michael Ballentine, as I write the weekly article The Raw Truth. Brian is our second writer, and he covers Smackdown and all the Stone Cold Podcasts. And finally we have talented writer Clyde Dawkins who covers the Woman’s Division as well as Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Underground. Therefore we have decided that for the pay-per-views where the brands all come together such as SummerSlam, that we would jointly bring you our opinions on the segments of the wrestling world that we each cover. We will start with the male Smackdown roster matches.

Summer Slam is upon us & here are some of my predictions for the Smack Down lineup of matches this Sunday:

John Cena v A.J. Styles


A.J. won his match against Cena at Money In The Bank with an assist from Club. Then at Battleground the team of Cena, Enzo & Cass defeated “The Club”.  I’m assuming that John Cena wins at Summer Slam. Why?  Well last year Cena lost to Rollins in that “Winner Take All, Champion vs. Champion” match. The year before that, Cena lost in martyrdom fashion to Brock Lesnar, the match that created a civic landmark inside Suplex City. How many years in a row can Cena lose a Summer Slam match? Plus, this is set up for Cena to win. It’s the first main event match between the two that SUPPOSEDLY won’t have “Club” interference. The storyline has portrayed Cena to look older & beatable, as if Styles’ time is upon us. But I don’t believe John, Vince, & WWE are ready for that transition. So Cena wins.

Dean Ambrose v Dolph Ziggler


I think Dean wins here, but it’s an absolute validation match for Dolph. This either goes one of two ways:
1) Dean retains in a very hard fought match against Dolph. They  both nearly steal the show & there’s a sign of mutual respect shown after the pin.
2) Dolph wins in some assisted fashion & goes full heel turn. There’s been subtle hints towards it & a rivalry between Dean & Dolph would make much more sense in this dynamic. It’s a longshot, but never the less a possibility.


The Miz v Apollo Crews


Definitely the toughest call of the 3 Smack Down male matches. Apollo Crews has had a rocket strapped to his back since his debut in NXT. Nothing would signify “New Era” like a victory for Crews here. However, a long feud would be best for both superstars. Miz does not have a serious challenger to his Championship, other than Crews. Miz has built his character so well, with Maryse, that a loss for him here does more harm than good.  Miz is very good wrestler & should make Apollo look good in their match.  In the end, Miz retains.

Now for the Women’s Division matches, one from each brand.

In less than a week, the 29th annual SummerSlam event will take place in Brooklyn, NY; the second year in a row that the event will emanate from the NYC area. The event will see a double dose of action from WWE’s female superstars for the second time in the last three years. Here are my predictions for SummerSlam’s Women’s matches:SummerSlamSashavsCharlette


This year’s SummerSlam will see the highly anticipated Women’s Championship rematch between Sasha Banks and Charlotte; a match that is, when you think about it, nearly three years in the making. Sasha and Charlotte went from their meager beginnings in NXT in 2013, to being part of the Women’s Revolution in 2015, to being the two top women in WWE now. In September 2015, Charlotte won the now-defunct Divas Championship, but what started as an emotional elevation for the Nature Girl became a reign of terror, when Charlotte developed a huge ego and turned her back on everyone:  Becky Lynch, the fans, even her two-time Hall of Fame father, Ric Flair. She would become the first holder of the reinstated Women’s Championship after defeating Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, but her lengthy title reign ended when Sasha Banks defeated her for the title on July 25. Charlotte has been hellbent on regaining the title, but after her ally, Dana Brooke, lost to Sasha on August 8, the Nature Girl will have to enter SummerSlam with no backup.

Prediction:  I see Sasha retaining, mainly because this will be her first defense of the Women’s Championship; plus, they can’t have her lose two years straight in Brooklyn. Fans are expecting the end of the Charlotte/Dana alliance after this, with Dana being the latest victim of Charlotte’s betrayal.DivaSummerslam


SmackDown featured the announcement of a six-woman tag team match for SummerSlam, which will pit Carmella, Naomi, and Becky Lynch against Natalya, Eva Marie, and Alexa Bliss. This match was made to promote all of the women on SmackDown’s roster; a clear precursor to the moment where they’ll all compete to become the first holder of SmackDown’s Women’s Championship. The first SmackDown after the Draft saw all six women showcase themselves after Becky defeated Natalya in a rematch from Battleground. In the weeks that have followed, the evil Natalya has used Carmella as the subject of her aggression, but Carmella gained some retribution with a victory over the Queen of Harts on August 9th. That same night, Alexa Bliss picked up a victory over Becky Lynch, due to a distraction by Eva Marie. Speaking of the Red Queen, her attempts at a debut on the blue brand have conveniently fallen flat, due to an injury, a wardrobe malfunction, and traffic issues. But she had no problem appearing when it suited her, causing Becky Lynch to lose to Alexa on August 9th, and nearly interfering in the tag team match on the following week before being chased away by the again-babyface Naomi.

Prediction:  This is a tough one, so I will try to be logical. Considering that this is Naomi’s first PPV match since WrestleMania, I would think that they’d have the babyfaces win this match. Especially since Eva Marie has now been taken out of the equation with her 30 day suspension. If you had not read about Eva Marie’s suspension you can do so at this link.

Now the Raw brand matches

Enzo and Big Cass vs Jeri-KOSummerSlamEnzoJericho

It is not a matter of will they win, but how will they win. Do Jericho and Owens split up or implode in this match? I know this is going to read kind of weird, but if the two of them come out to separate music and have on their individual gear, they will be split up within 30 days. But, if they come out with Jeri-KO shirts, then creative has some sort of plan for this team. Either way, Enzo and Cass will win in front of their home crowd and will receive several loud pops along the way.

Roman Reigns vs RusevSummerSlamRusevvsRR

I made my opinion known on this match as a whole earlier this week in my Raw Truth article, therefore I will bring it up and rehash it again here in this article. Even though I do think when this rivalry is finalized that Reigns will be handed the belt, I don’t think it will happen tonight. Tonight Lana will avenge the loss suffered by Rusev on Monday Night Raw where he was supposedly defending her honor by getting involved in this match and ultimately effecting the outcome in a positive way for her new husband.

Sheamus vs Cesarocesarosheamus

I am not sure about a best of 7 series of matches. Most rivalries only have 3-5 matches at most. Plus, these two talented competitors have already had 2-3 matches on Monday Night Raw as it is so the whole best of 7 is going to turn into more like a best of 10. I honestly think this rivalry is going to get boring quickly, and stay that way for the majority of the rivalry. This fact is a shame because these are 2 above wrestlers but they need something to fight for. And frankly, I need something more to keep me interested. Creative at the very least needs to let the winner pick the stipulations for the next match or something. Wake me up for match 7 when we all know the records will be tied at 3-3.

The New Day vs Anderson and GallowsSummerSlamNewDayA&G

Much like the Rusev Reigns rivalry I do see a title change in the near future. The New Day will still be entertaining even without the straps, and it sets up an inevitable clash between Enzo and Big Cass vs Anderson and Gallows. I think we will see the return of Big E and he will be the X factor the New Day needs to retain the championships for the time being.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy OrtonSummerSlamLesnarOrton

This match is very interesting for 2 different reasons. #1, I am being told that this match is going to be the final match of the night. When a match is the final match of the night and does not have any titles on the line it is usually done so because creative has something planned for the ending of the match that will provide a crowd shock. #2 this involves a part time wrestler in Lesnar who could have almost any kind of crazy provision written into his contract. For example, his contract could read he must be in the main event of 1 of the 4 major pay-per-views, and WWE is simply just choosing to fulfill that contractual obligation with SummerSlam. Regardless, they are both pointing to the same conclusion, and that is Brock almost has to win. But, do you really want Orton to loose in his 1st pay-per-view match back after a long break? That answer is no, so you must come up with a middle ground. A solution that fulfills both needs of Brock winning, but Orton not really loosing. Hense a run in (interference) by someone to cost Orton the match. The person who does the run in needs to be someone who is not currently involved in a program, and must be on the Smackdown roster. I predict Orton will meet sister Abigail, and that encounter will cost him the match.

Seth Rollins vs Finn BalorSummerSlam-2016-Finn-Bálor-vs.-Seth-Rollins

This match should be the main event. I am curious for 2 things before the match even gets started. What will Balor’s entrance consist of because he has the best entrance in the business right now. And what will the Universal Championship look like?

I know alot of people reading this want Balor to win. Injecting some of the “New Era” into the title picture. But this is not the way to do it. If Finn Balor starts out on top, then everything he ever does in his WWE career will pale in comparrison. You don’t trade 1 great moment, for a career that then because of that 1 great moment becomes a career of never being able to recreate the 1st great moment. And besides, the other gu in the ring is Seth “Freaking” Rollins! One of WWE’s top 5 current wrestlers, one of the best on a mic, and a man who returned early from a horendous injury. Honestly, Baylor should not even be in this position. Baylor should be involved in a program with Chris Jericho and this spot should belong to Kevin Owens.

Either way, Rollins is going to win the belt and he will keep it for quite a few months, or at least until the Royal Rumble.

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