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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night featured the fallout from the latest live edition of Impact, which saw Bobby Lashley add yet another title to his collection? What stood out on such an explosive evening? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

Last week saw Bobby Lashley walk out as the King of the Mountain, X Division, and World Heavyweight Champion after defeating James Storm. Last night, Lashley promised something historic, but would not divulge any iota of a hint to newly appointed TNA President Billy Corgan or to former President now Chairman Dixie Carter. Finally, when Lashley entered the ring, he revealed his big surprise:  he was going to unify the World, KOTM, and X Divsion Titles into one. This outraged Corgan and Dixie, especially the latter, who lashed out at Lashley for disrespecting the KOTM and X Titles, as well as those who held the belts in the past. So not only was Lashley not allowed to unify the three titles, but his plans to not defend the title until Bound For Glory on October 2 were derailed as well, as Corgan announced an Open Invitation Battle Royal for next week, with the winner earning a shot at the World Title later that evening.

Gail’s quest to regain the Knockouts Championship appears to be snuffed out, thanks (as always) to Maria Kanellis and Sienna. Gail faced off against Jade as part of her quest, and it was after Gail’s Eat Defeat that the reigning champion, Sienna, entered and took out both women. Now Sienna attacked Gail first, so the DQ win was given to Gail. Despite winning the match, Maria said that Gail will never receive an opportunity at the Knockouts Championship. So what gives here? I have a feeling that Dixie and Corgan will make things right and put Gail in the title picture after this screwjob.

Jeff Hardy is continuing to embrace this Brother Nero persona, as he was shown dressed in garb similar to Broken Matt Hardy, and mostly resembling Judas Mesias. For those who don’t remember, Judas Mesias was this vampirish looking character who was brought in by James Mitchell to feud with Abyss, with Mesias being portrayed as Abyss’ “brother.” The Hardys competed in the “Ascension to Hell” four way Ladder Match against Tribunal, The BroMans, and The Helms Dynasty, and they emerged victorious, earning Matt and Jeff a tag title opportunity against Decay. It is not known when this upcoming Tag Team Championship encounter will take place, but I’m just anxious to see where this whole thing with Jeff goes. Part of me hopes the Hardys win, because Decay has had the belts for a long time. However, if they don’t win, we could see Matt vs Jeff one more time at BFG.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, EC3 and Drew Galloway will face each other in a #1 Contender’s match, and Aron Rex will be the guest referee! Until then!

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