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NXT Weekly: Brooklyn Calling


NXT Weekly: Brooklyn Calling

This week’s NXT was all about getting you hyped for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II this coming Saturday. With that said, this show focused on setting up Brooklyn by using promos to highlight every match-up in the coming show. With the time devoted to hyping up TakeOver though, came the feeling that this week’s NXT was kind of an afterthought. I do understand the need to get our eyes on TakeOver, but not one star announced to compete in Brooklyn was in the ring at all in this show. I wish the show featured matches or in-ring confrontations to get the hype rolling instead of backstage interviews and promos only, through the interviews were admittedly of fun to watch. However, the few things that did happen this week were actually delightful and hinted at the future of NXT beyond TakeOver, with two very entertaining matches.

  1. Hideo Itami def. Mustafa Ali-

The opening match this week was full of good wrestling. Mustafa Ali is the latest star to come to NXT after debuting in the Cruiserweight Classic, and this contest was the second for Hideo since his return from injury. These two men can rumble with the best of them, and I love the attitude from Mustafa especially. Mustafa instantly got heat as the heel in this contest and showed why he could have a good run in NXT. You’d be Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs if you said Hideo was anything but a spectacular performer, and I just want to see him have a real feud with direction after TakeOver.

  1. Liv Morgan, Carmella, Nikki Glenncross def. Alexa Bliss, Daria Berenato, Mandy Rose

Ok,Ok… I got to admit, even though I wish this week’s show had more in-ring action, I loved the attention these ladies got. The reason I liked this so much was because it gave me reason to be excited for the future of the NXT women’s division, on a night where it was also announced the mysterious Ember Moon will make her debut against the recently debuted Billie Kay. This match did feature two main-roster stars in Carmella and Alexa Bliss who kind of acted as buffers in this contest. Both Carmella and Alexa highlighted their strong personalities and lifted the emotions of the match while letting the other women dominate in-ring time. Meanwhile, I thought Liv Morgan continued to impress in this match, though not debuting like the other three performers. Morgan spent most of the match selling really well while taking a beating from everybody. I think Morgan just needs to strengthen her character to truly be a great in NXT.NXT6WomenTag

Now, the three new talents also came to impress. I thought the most impressive was the self-proclaimed “Best in the Universe,” Nikki Glenncross from Scotland. Nikki was oozing intensity and athleticism the whole time, and showed she’s going to have no troubles winning over the crowd. Daria also looked really good, showing off some MMA style moves that made her look dangerous. If Daria can build a good gimmick, she’s going to be fantastic. Honestly, I think Mandy Rose was the lowest in the totem pole of the match. The “Tough Enough” runner-up showcased her beauty, but was lacking in both in-ring pizazz and attitude. Overall though, this match has me excited to see what the ladies of NXT will do next.

  1. Samoa Joe and Nakamura Interview

This Interview wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but it did it’s job as a segment, it fed the fire for the impending showdown at TakeOver. The highlights of the sit-down were Samoa Joe saying that he didn’t think Regal wanted him to be champ, and that he was going to “beat the respect” into Shinsuke Nakamura. And, with Nakamura being his usual, confident self, this interview ended with the two being separated by security. Now, the best part of this whole thing is we don’t have to wait long to see these two and more put on one hell of a show.

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