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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Preview

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Preview

You know that feeling you get on Christmas Eve, when you can see your presents but you still can’t open them yet. This is what I’m feeling right now as I wait for NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn. This TakeOver was arguably the best of the year last year for NXT, with Finn Balor, Bayley, and Sasha Banks taking the event to new heights as the most anticipated NXT event of the year. This year hopes to provide similar results, and I think it just might. The card is stacked with matches that for the most part have good feuds and interest built. So, like the kid who shakes  the box to get a hint at what’s inside, I’ll preview each match and predict the outcomes for Brooklyn.

  1. Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay

This match serves as the debut of the mysterious Ember Moon. Moon is looking to make a big splash at TakeOver, and I see her doing so at the expense of Billie Kay. I have to imagine Moon wins this one in dominating fashion in order to create momentum on her behalf. Here’s hoping she’s something special.NXTBillieKayvsEmberMoon

Prediction: Ember Moon

  1. No Way Jose vs Austin Aries

NXTnowayjoseAustinAriesI’m pumped for this contest between Jose and Aries. This match has as much build-up and storyline hatred between these two competitors as any match on the card. Jose is out to prove he can be taken seriously in NXT and Aries is out to prove he’s in a league of his own. I think this match will feature great wrestling as most Aries matches do, and Jose will bring a fierce intensity as well. Afterall is said and done, I think Jose gets the win simply because I think he needs it more to build his character as someone who can fight and fiesta.

Prediction: No Way Jose

  1. Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Bobby Roode

This one should be GLORIOUS. This match doesn’t have the same amount of build up as the other matches, but it serves as the “debut” of Bobby Roode in-ring, and Cien is trying to shut up Roode who claimed to be a better man from boots to tie than Cien. Cien has proven he can put on a show with the best of them, but Roode’s got to get the win to make the proper debut. Should be fun to watch from start to finish.NXTRoodeAlmas2

Prediction: Bobby Roode

  1. NXT Tag Team Championships: The Revival(c) vs Ciampa/Gargano

From this point on, I think the predictions get harder to call. This tag team showdown should be great. The Revival is criminally underrated in my opinion, always getting overshadowed in the past by teams like American Alpha and Enzo and Cass. I get it, the faces always get the most attention, but Dash and Dawson consistently get you to boo them, and most importantly, create huge push for whoever they face. With that said, I think this one goes to Gargano/Ciampa. Gargano/Ciampa have had quite a push as of late, and I think a win here could lift them to crowd favorites and more importantly create a feud with the Revival while the NXT tag team division rebuilds itself.NXTTagTeam2

Prediction: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

  1. NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka(c) vs. Bayley

NXTAsukaBayleyI think this match may be the closest call of the night, in what could be the match of the night. Both Asuka and Bayley have excellent personas and in-ring talent, so this match should be stellar. On one hand, I think Asuka might win because it’s time for Bayley to move up to the main roster and make her impact there. On the other hand, if Asuka wins, who is her next feud with? The NXT women’s division is practically starting from scratch after the WWE draft, and while their are some very talented ladies in NXT, I’m not sure anyone in particular could face the champ and have a reasonable chance of victory. The only question mark in this is will Ember Moon be immediately be thrust into championship contention. I’m not bashing the talent in NXT, I just think it takes time to build a wrestler up with a fitting gimmick and move-set. I guess I’ll say Asuka wins, because Bayley should move up and NXT could build up a wrestler while having her face Asuka. Either outcome would be fine and should come after a great contest.

Prediction: Asuka

  1. NXT Championship: Samoa Joe(c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

NXTJoeShinsukeSpeaking of tough calls, the main event of TakeOver is no different. No matter who wins this one, I think the two will have a rematch at the next TakeOver. Because of this, both outcomes make sense. Do you motivate Shinsuke to redeem himself after a loss, or do you enrage Samoa Joe after being upset by the cocky Nakamura. I think Nakamura wins this match, because Samoa Joe wouldn’t want to give Nakamura another title shot if Joe won. So, I think Nakamura caps off the night with a championship win and sets up the future of NXT after an amazing show. Is it Christmas morning yet?

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