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The Raw Truth

RawSegment1I say some controversial things about the WWE in this column, because I believe the WWE fans are smarter than the company gives us credit for. Then, I watch the opening of Monday Night Raw, and I wonder if the WWE is right and most fans are not that smart. Alright, maybe saying not smart is not the exact way to say it. Having a short memory is probably a better way to say it. All the WWE had to do was take the man who was booed out of the building since Wrestle-Mania and place him against a fake Russian, and now he is cheered. It took only 2 weeks for the WWE Universe to forget about a drug suspension, and how much we loved to boo a man. The WWE holds part of their Universe in the palm of their hand. I am asking those people to jump out of their hand, or this predictable television is all we are ever going to get.

Sheamus vs Sami Zayn with Cesaro on Commentary

RawSegment2A very good match that showed both wrestlers for what they are. Sheamus being a bully, and Zayn a high flyer who doesn’t quit. I must say that Zayn hit a perfect flip clearing the top rope and taking out Shemaus perfectly. The ending even added to their rivalry as Cesaro cost Sheamus the match.

A great backstage interview featuring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. A 9 out of 10.

Back stage after a continued altercation between Cesaro and Shemaus as Mick Foley announces a best of 7 set of matches with the first happening at Summer Slam.

The Dudley Boys vs The New Day

This was basically a squash match as yet again the Dudley’s had a miscue that cost them the match. I hope these continued miscues lead to the Dudleys splitting up and allowing Bubba Ray to go after the Universal Championship. Or possibly even doing another faction like Aces and 8’s.

Another squash match where Nia Jax wins. SlaterLesnar

Brock Lesnar stands in the ring and Paul Heyman does all the promoting. I hope Paul gets half of Brock’s check because there would be no Lesnar without Heyman. Heath Slater’s character right now is great. He really is good on the mic, I hope he gets a chance.

Kevin Owens with Chris Jericho vs Big Cass with Enzo Amore

The match started a little rough, but it got better as the match went on. The ending was a disqualification when Jericho took out Enzo outside the ring and Big Cass was left laid out inside the ring. I hope the two new guys listen and take notes from the two veterans. If so, it will immensely help their careers.

The Primetime Players vs The Shinning Stars

The Shinning Stars win when the Primetime Players implode. Surprise surprise.

Jinder Mahal vs Neville

Not sure why this match was even on the card. Neville wins with an always impressive aerial assault. It is another instance where the WWE has a great talent in Neville and they have no idea of what to do with him.DemonKing

Seth Rollins calls out The Demon King

I guess the WWE thinks the majority of the WWE Universe has never seen a recent NXT pay-per -view. It is the best entrance in wrestling today, but I have seen it before.

The Golden Truth vs Gallows and Anderson

Goldust is actually still a good wrestler. We all knew they were going to loose, but he managed to keep it interesting. And I love the face team coming out and attacking the heel team in Gallows and Anderson. The New Day reminds me of the heel turn of the Rock. We all knew the role he was suppose to play, but we all still loved him. New Day is the best thing to happen to the tag team division in quite a while.

Charlotte vs Alicia Fox

The showing of Foxy was disappointing. The set up was nice as Dana Brooke came out and helped Charlotte get the advantage. A true heel persona is continuing to develop with the tandem of Charlotte and Brooke.RRvsRusev

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

First thing I notice is that they have to do a 20 minute segment to end on time and more to go over. That is going to be a stretch. These two athletes actually had a really good match. Multiple pinfalls with Reigns continuing to kick out. He looked like the Samoan version of John Cena. Reigns eventually wins the match with a spear.

The Tall of the Truth

Best on the Mic– Heath Slater

Biggest Pop– Enzo and Cass

Best Match– Roman Reigns vs Rusev

There is the Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but the TRUTH!







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