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Summer Slam is this coming weekend. Both Saturday & Sunday look like a lot of great entertainment for WWE fans. NXT Brooklyn should be fantastic, but Sunday’s card for Summer Slam is loaded. It wasn’t very long ago that WWE had a injury-riddled roster, lacking depth on almost every level. This is no longer the case & this may arguably be one of their best talent rosters of all-time. Not saying it’s “the best”, but the sum is definitely greater than the whole.  That being said, here’s a look at Smack Down’s card for Summer Slam on Sunday:


WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler


Carmella, Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya, Eva Marie & Alexa Bliss


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Apollo Crews


John Cena vs. AJ Styles


Brock Lesnar (Raw) vs. Randy Orton (Smack Down)


Presumably, I would also put Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto here, due to the consecutive weekly ambush attacks by Corbin.

While many people would agree that the WWE roster is a great place right now, look at the matches above.  Then go look at Raw’s matches for Summer Slam.  Now take into account that Smack Down has had better shows than Raw in the last 3 weeks, minus Orton’s RKO to Lesnar. I say bravo to Smack Down & everyone involved. Raw should be destroying Smack Down. That tide might change come Sunday, but the Smack Down Live crew has more than held their own up to this point.

As for this week’s Smack Down leading into Summer Slam, here’s some quick hits:

  • MizTV spot was effective for Dolph.  His Superkick to Ambrose caught most off guard & made Ziggler look as legitimate as possible heading into Sunday.

  • Randy Orton had another great show.  His match against Heath Slater provided an entertaining almost 15 minutes, including Slater’s concussed-like segment after the match.  Orton’s mocking of Lesnar’s was well placed & the method for his disqualification was nearly a forgotten event.  He didn’t break his attack, after a 5 second warning by the referee.

  • American Alpha continues to ride their positive wave, as they won a 12 man, 6 team tag match. I will assume that they become Smack Down’s 1st Tag Team champions at No Mercy.  (The name for Smack Down’s first Pay-Per-View event)

  • Bray Wyatt signaled displeasure with Erick Rowan, following Rowan’s loss to Dean Ambrose.  This could spell disaster for Rowan.  Without Luke Harper or Bray, Rowan has struggled in the past. If a singles career is on his horizon, count me out.

  • Cena & Del Rio had the best match of the evening. Both veterans provided the fans a well executed main event. A.J. appeared strong in the post-match, only to get doubled up on by Cena.  If one A.A. wasn’t bad enough, the second from atop the steel steps & through the announcer’s table definitely was.  These two should have a fantastic match on Sunday.

  • Last, but never least, the women of Smack Down.  Tonight began with the “excitement” for Eva Marie’s Spectacular Debut on Smack Down Live. Her scheduled opponent this week was not Becky Lynch, instead it was Naomi. This was the first time I had witnessed Naomi’s rave-type entrance since being drafted to Smack Down. Have to say I loved it. Very different than most other entrances & was somewhat similar to the Hardy Boyz.  After Naomi’s music ended, Eva’s personal entrance announcer declared that she was stuck in traffic.

  • I love this gimmick right now. Every week, she finds an excuse not to wrestle someone. Fits her mold perfectly & hopefully this schtick doesn’t run its course too quickly. Fast forward to Becky Lynch & Carmella versus Alexa Bliss & Natalya, where Eva finally arrives near the end of the match. Her obvious intent at this point is to, again, distract Lynch & cause another pinfall against her. However this week, Eva’s previously scheduled opponent Naomi appears to prevent this distraction. Becky gets the submission tap out win on Natalya & WWE fans are rewarded with a 6 woman tag match on Sunday.

While most of the diehard WWE fans will probably be least excited for this match than any other on Sunday’s card, you have to admit that it was booked pretty well. Alexa’s win last week, Carmella’s win last week, the events of this week, coupled with the ongoing feud between Natalaya & Becky. That’s well laid out by creative. Let’s see how the performers do on Sunday.

Quick Predicts for Summer Slam ( Smack Down only)

  1. Orton loses.  I don’t see how WWE sells Lesnar on losing to Orton at Summer Slam. Should be a great match though.
  2. Ambrose retains.  Unless some shenanigans are pulled, I don’t see Dolph beating Dean straight up.
  3. Cena wins.  Why not?  He’s looked like he’s running at half speed to A.J. the last month or so, without “The Club” maybe A.J. loses to Cena in the rematch.
  4. Becky, Naomi, & Carmella win.  Again, why not?  The truth is everybody wins with this match.
  5. Miz retains.  Gutsiest call of them all.  The Apollo train has been rolling strong since his arrival.  While a victory by Crews would not surprise me, it would disappoint me.  Not just because I am a big fan of the Miz & Maryse, I just feel that it’s too soon for Apollo.  A feud with Miz would be a good way to go, where Apollo eventually prevails.  Putting the belt on him at this stage would be unfair.

Thanks for reading & enjoy Summer Slam!

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