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With Stanton Out I am Rooting For the Marlins More Unless…….

If you have not heard yet, after yesterdays big win, there was also big news. Giancarlo Stanton will finish the season on the DL for the third straight year! Not all of it his fault, mind you, I am sure he did not plan to take a fastball off the side of his face in one of those three years, but the fact remains that he is out for the rest of the regular season. But, you did read the headline correctly, I am actually rooting for the Marlins more. Not because I do not like Stanton, but because of his Cinderella replacement.IchiroSuzuki

Ichiro Suzuki will be his replacement in right field. Ichiro has the ability to now truly go out on top. I am rooting for the Miami Marlins and Ichiro Suzuki to make it to the play-offs! In fact, write this down, circle it in red and highlight it in some bright color. The Miami Marlins will sneak up on the Washington Nationals and will win the division.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Giancarlo– Stanton was hitting .244 when he injured himself on Saturday trying to stretch a single into a double. Now I will give it to Stanton he had a 5 week slump that was strangling his yearly numbers. From May 7 through June 15 Stanton’s slash line was .118/.211/.216. Before that, he hit .274/.391/.632 and since then he’s hit .299/.361/.582 with 11 doubles, 13 homers and 41 RBI in 48 games. But, even with his prolithic power and home run potential every time he steps up to the plate, the Marlins as a team entered Sunday ranked 13th in the NL in home runs. Without Stanton and Justin Bour (who is also currently hurt), the Marlins only have two players in double digits in home runs in Ozuna and Yelich. After those two, it’s Martin Prado with seven home runs. Therefore, without him, the Marlins will now play a more alexyankeesentertaining brand of baseball where they will be forced to manufacture runs.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Ichiro– He’s having a very good year, hitting .316/.388/.386, but can he keep that up on a daily basis? Ichiro has started just 36 games this season. Last year he started 88. In 2014, he started 94 and 2013, 126. You have to go back to 2012 to find him as what could be considered a regular starter. Ichiro is an amazing athlete, but he’s 42 years old. I would love to see, and I think the entire baseball world would clamor toward and around Ichiro if the Marlins continue to hang around.

Unless………The Miami Marlins decide to sign Alex Rodriquez. If they decide to do this, I will do a complete 360 the second they do so. They do not need a liar and a cheat who is batting .220 to destroy a great baseball story like the one Ichiro will create. But, I could see them signing the recently released Houston Astro Carlos Gomez.

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