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3 Impacts From Impact (August 11, 2016)

Impact went live last night, with three titles on the line in one main event match! What stood out above everything else? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The TNA debut of Damien Sandow, now known as Aron Rex, was undeniably the most standout moment of last night’s Impact! It was originally a rumor that the former WWE Tag Team Champion signed with TNA, but it was officially announced before Impact aired last night. Aron kicked off his TNA career by firing veiled shots at WWE; stating that he had been told that he was “too entertaining,” and that he wasn’t given a fair opportunity, in many words. The former Sandow had actually been in WWE for nearly a decade, originally appearing as Idol Stevens, one half of the tag team known as “The Teacher’s Pets,” who were managed by villainous “hot teacher” Michelle McCool. The Sandow gimmick began in 2011, which had him referring to himself as “the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses, and always ending his promos with a loud, “You’re Welcome!” He was paired up with Cody Rhodes to form the “Rhodes Scholars” by 2013, but they split up after Sandow won the Money In the Bank briefcase, doing so after taking out Rhodes. Sandow spent his last year in WWE as Damien Mizdow, the “stunt double” for The Miz, which led to his only championship when he and Miz captured the tag titles, and also led to a babyface turn due to his immense popularity. His release earlier this year outraged many, who were upset that WWE never really elevated him, but I see TNA doing what WWE failed to do for so long.

Add the King of the Mountain Championship to Bobby Lashley’s collection. In the main event last night, Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm to walk away with all three singles championships, which, quite frankly, I am not crazy about. What is the motivation for having Lashley hold the World, KOTM, and X Titles? I want to know why this is happening, and more importantly, where is this going? Bound For Glory is on October 2, so there’s under two months to go. Honestly, they cannot have Lashley enter BFG will three championships. Makes no sense.

It appears that Jeff Hardy is finally broken, or at least close to it. Since last week, Matt Hardy has forced his “obsolete mule” Brother Nero to go on a lone journey to regain the tag titles; still feeling that Jeff owes Matt for his injury that cost them the tag titles two years ago. Regarding last night, Jeff faced the Tribunal, and after Matt took out Baron Dax, Jeff ended up victorious. When that victory didn’t please Matt, Jeff delivered a series of Twists of Fate to both halves of the Tribunal, and even put Coach Al Snow through a table! “The only one who can destroy me, is ME,” were Jeff’s words before he put himself through a table, which were later followed by the words, “I AM Brother Nero.” Wow. I now find myself anxious to see where this goes next.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, The Hardys, The Tribunal, The Bromans, and The Helms Dynasty clash in a ladder match for a tag title opportunity, plus EC3 vs Drew Galloway in a #1 Contender’s match! Until then!

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