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NXT Weekly: Teasing TakeOver


This week’s NXT gave me some mixed emotion. The show as a whole was a giant set-up for TakeOver Brooklyn, with significant time devoted to filling out the match card for the summer-spectacular and beefing up the feuds set to take stage in Brooklyn. I understand the necessity for this focus on Brooklyn, but a lot of the matches were a little stale since they were used to push one obvious outcome in the match. With that said, the show did some things very well, and some other things just missed the mark.BaileyAsukaContractSigning

Bayley and Asuka Contract Signing

Overall, not much wrong with this segment. It wasn’t super-exciting and nothing really changed between Bayley and Asuka, but I’m still pumped to see the two square-off. This segment fulfilled the basic role of all contract signings, to heat up the rivalry between the two competitors. Both Bayley and Asuka were able to talk some trash, with Asuka even saying Bayley doesn’t “have what it takes” to beat the champ, and Bayley showing a more determined attitude.  This match is going to be great, I just don’t want to wait for it.


Authors of Pain vs Nails and Risen

AuthorsOfPainAnother Squash match for A.O.P. I get that NXT is tuning these two into monsters, but I want to see them fight an opponent eventually that could at least make it interesting. And, we might just get that. After the match, T.M.-61 ran in an attempt to stop the beat down. Bad idea. A.O.P. creamed Miller and Thorne, but I think this sets up a potential David vs Goliath match at TakeOver. T.M.-61 is a very talented tandem and I think this match could work well.BobbyRoodeAlmasNxt


“Cien” Almas def. Angelo Dawkins

    This match might have been my favorite of the night. Both of these guys have big things in their future. Almas is obviously super talented, and looked first-class in this match, winning with a DDT over Dawkins. And even though Dawkins lost, he is oozing with charisma and honestly made this match as entertaining as it was. And then, things went from good to GLORIOUS as Bobby Roode made his way to the ring. Roode is such a good mic-worker, as he came out to congratulate Almas, but not on the win. No, he came to congratulate him on being Roode’s opponent for TakeOver. I think the best part of this segment is Roode came across so well as the cocky heel that I’m already pumped to see this match even without weeks of feud-building.NXT810

Billie Kay def. Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan might be my new favorite woman in NXT. I don’t know why, but she’s just easy to cheer for and she is pretty fun to watch with an athletic offense. With that said, this match was rough. I don’t know exactly why, but the wrestling felt stiff and even awkward in spots. There were a few botches that took away the momentum both wrestlers were trying to build. I’m a little disappointed just because I know that Billie and Liv are capable of putting on a quality match, they just didn’t this time. Bummer.

Gargano and Ciampa def. Tucker Knight and Patrick Clark

So, this match’s outcome was never really in doubt, with Gargano and Ciampa announced to be facing the Revival for gold at TakeOver they put away the competition in quick fashion with their signature double kick. But even though it was predictable, this match was still pretty entertaining. Knight and Clark had a decent showing, with Clark selling moves like a true pro and Knight showing some athleticism for the big man. Plus, Gargano and Ciampa are always a good watch. I think their match against Dash and Dawson could be the best match at Brooklyn.

Samoa Joe def. Mojo Rawley

    JoeSNRaise your hand if you thought Mojo was going to somehow win this one? Put your hand down, Zack Ryder. Everyone knew Joe was going to come out on top, but overall the match did do some good things for both parties. Even though I’m not a huge fan of bringing main-roster stars down, Mojo did get to show off some rare aggression in this one. I hope he spends most of his time showing off on Smackdown, but he didn’t look too bad in this outing. Samoa Joe also looked like a monster. As he locked in the Coquina Clutch to end this one, he shouted Shinsuke Nakamura’s name, which made Joe look determined and pissed heading towards his championship bout. But as soon as the match was over, the best part of the show happened. Shinsuke music hits, and security runs out to stop the two wrestlers from squaring off. But as security holds back Joe, Nakamura just dances to the ring, never looking worried at all. Then, Nakamura plays got your nose with the Samoan Submission Machine as he’s being restrained by security. This segment was awesome as Nakamura successfully got into Joe’s head and Joe looks even more scary. I can not wait for TakeOver.

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