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Goodbye Sweet Prince

Prince Fielder has announced he is going to retire from baseball. As the news broke, as all that happens when news breaks you don’t get the whole story at once, piece by piece the story comes out, and with each piece the news is more devastating than the last. Prince Fielder is medically disabled and is not cleared to play major league baseball. Yesterday I avoided watching the press conference, I knew I would be over-emotional. I have been on a whirlwind of emotions, both mad and sad at the situation. I knew I had to watch the press conference and in utter stupidity on my part before I went to bed I watched the video.


This is how it ends, at 32 the great Prince Fielder will retire from baseball. With his two boys at his side he explained how the doctors told him he could not play major league baseball after having two spinal fusions on his neck. Fielder was gracious as he talked about his team, the support they had given him, especially Rangers third base coach Tony Beasley went through a 5 week chemotherapy treatment for rectal cancer during this season. Fielder talked about how Beasley came in with a positive attitude helping him this season as he struggled.

PrinceFielderWith Rangerslogo

In case you didn’t know Prince Fielder is the son of Cecil Fielder and has spent his whole life around baseball. Also like father like son, Prince and Cecil Fielder each hit 319 home runs in their career.

The stats on his 12 year career are impressive. The six time All-Star, .283/.382/.506 1645 hits and 1028 RBI’s

For those of you who are curious about the money, the Rangers have insurance and will get half of Prince Fielder’s contract back.

In times like these money doesn’t matter. I am a lover of the game of baseball, it’s the greatest sport in the world and I live and breathe it. I grew up watching Cecil and was excited to see Prince put on a Ranger uniform, I saw great things happening for him here. I was hoping to see another performance like last year, then to have this happen well it just breaks my heart. Thank you Prince Fielder, for all the wonderful baseball memories, I speak for all Ranger fans when I say we will miss you.

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