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Too Good to be True? Is WWE Turning a Corner?

SummerSlamOk WWE, you have our attention. I think I can speak for most wrestling fans when I say the future of WWE looks promising at the very least for the WWE. In the aftermath of the draft, both RAW and Smackdown Live seem to be blossoming with great feuds and screen time for some fan favorite superstars. If you had told me a month ago that both Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler were going to be in championship matches at Summerslam, I would’ve called BS. But, now, a new dawn seems to have come for WWE, a dawn in which the fans are heard and the focus may be more on great wrestling than the same stars getting the rub over and over again.

Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. When Summerslam rolls around, odds are Dean Ambrose retains and Rollins beats Balor. These outcomes may not be terrible, but they are predictable. So I say, don’t tease us WWE. Invest in the future of the company and invest in guys like Dolph Ziggler or even Cesaro who could be the guy if they’re just given the chance. I think that the draft has given the WWE a chance to enter a new, exciting era, but now the question is will Vince McMahon buy in on change or will it be same-old, same-old come Summerslam.


Drafting a Future

American-AlphaI also like that both brands are about to feature a smorgasbord of new, or at least relatively new, stars from NXT that could be the future of the company. So now that the rosters are laid out, here are five stars that need your undivided attention as they look to conquer the future.

1.Finn Balor– I’ve already talked about the immediate future for the “Demon”, but I can’t help but mention him again. The future seems to be in the claws of this man, who is a rookie in name alone. Balor has wrestled all over the world for nearly a decade at the main event level. This guy has an incredible move-set, and if you haven’t seen one of his demonic entrances yet, look them up, because it might be the best entrance in all of wrestling. He’s got “the guy” written all over him.

2. American Alpha– Not gonna lie, maybe my favorite tag team in all of WWE right now. The teaming of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are high-energy, athletic, and most importantly great wrestlers. Gable is an Olympic level wrestler and Jordan is an absolute animal. This team is fun to watch, and they make every match a must-see.

3.Nia Jax– Helloooooooooo Nia. This lady is a monster, and I say that with nothing but love. She’s the scariest wrestler in WWE’s booming women’s roster and her dominance is what makes her interesting. She brings a squash mentality to her matches, and it’s fun to watch. You need to keep an eye on Nia, whether you root for her to cream her opponent or for a shocking upset, it’s great either way.

4.Bayley– She’s a hugger folks. Bayley made a splash with her main roster debut alongside Sasha Banks, but that is only the beginning. Bayley plays the lovable underdog to perfection and is a huge crowd favorite. I predict Bayley to win a title within the year and don’t be surprised if she takes over the women’s division with her energy and awesome offense.

5.Mojo Rawley– Woohoo! Now I know half of you are going, “Who’s this guy?” The answer is he’s a party animal. Mojo is half of the Hype Bros with Zack Ryder and I think WWE will continue to invest in Ryder and Rawley. Their impossible to dislike and could be a staple in a very young tag team division.

Who Run the World?

SashaBanksReturnsonRawGirls. The answer is girls. And in the WWE, that is starting to become more and more true. I think the WWE was very clever about how they split up the female wrestler between the two brands. RAW is now home to the more complete, finished talents. Stars like Sasha, Charlotte, and even Nia Jax are more polished than some on the blue brand, and with no female title yet in play for Smackdown Live, that’s ok. Meanwhile, I’m not trashing Smackdown. In contrary, I think Smackdown has almost taken an NXT-like role, drafting a large amount of young ladies who need a place where they can continue to grow while getting some exposure to a larger crowd. Look for ladies like Becky Lynch, Carmella, and even Eva Marie to improve as wrestlers, personalities, and make their own statement on the Tuesday show. I love this move from WWE because it shows they want the fans to embrace the great talents on both brands without smothering the ladies who are still making strides in skill-level.bobby-roode-nxt


Quick Note on NXT
You may have noticed I’ve mentioned NXT a lot so far. That’s because NXT has been great for WWE as a nursery of talents. NXT focuses on the improvement of wrestlers and finding personas that work for each talent. But after the draft, NXT is in a position for a new beginning. NXT will once again focus on some unknown gems and turn them into household names. Focus is on the new women especially, as their is plenty of room to blossom in the wake of the exodus of female talents. Also, former TNA stars in Bobby Roode, and especially Austin Aries and Samoa Joe are the future of NXT. So, what’s next for NXT? Hopefully more of the same.

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